translate oriented writing

native in Chinese and then translate to the world

Many people, especially those from Europe and the United States, still have an impression of China before World War II. Although this sounds ridiculous, it is a fact. Some time ago, through the Swedish event, let me have a new understanding of how the outside world views the Chinese.

Having said that, why should you write in Chinese and translate it into English? Or what is the difference with ordinary Chinese writing?

First of all, Chinese is short and there is no nonsense. English is more nonsense, which is obvious.

Secondly, if you write articles in Chinese normally, there will be less nonsense, but it is not friendly enough for translation tools, and it is easy to have some very strange content.

For example, at the end of the above sentence, if it is a normal expression, it is generally {easy to make bugs} instead of {prone to some very strange content}.

Finally, I hope that all citizens of developed countries who are biased against Chinese and who are biased against Chinese can correctly recognize the fact that human rights, equality and freedom that you are talking about are nothing.