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New Ather Labs Dashboard & Creating your Ather Labs Account

The new and improved Ather Labs Dashboard brings new functions such as your very own Ather Labs account and Spaceship Lootboxes, and will also set the stage for other features such as the upcoming SIPHER Loyalty Program. Learn about some of the new features and how you can create your own Ather Labs account!

New Ather Labs Dashboard

What’s new?

The new Ather Labs Dashboard will serve as the hub where users can create an Ather Labs account to keep track of their SIPHER-related assets (NFTs and tokens), complete quests, redeem rewards, claim airdrops and merchandise, and manage or claim their Spaceships — all in one place.

The Ather Labs Dashboard (v1) includes:

Ather Labs Account

All users that want to make use of the Ather Labs Dashboard must possess their very own Ather Labs account. This account will provide access to all Ather Labs ecosystem platforms that are planned to launch, including World of Sipheria videogame, SIPHER Marketplace, SIPHER Loyalty Program, amongst others.

Ather Labs Dashboard — Ather Labs Account Benefits

Check out the “How to Create your Ather Labs account” section at the end of this article to learn how to create your own!


Ather Labs Dashboard — Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page serves as the user’s hub, where they can view a summary of their Ather Labs account and the various platforms. The first version of this Dashboard page currently includes SIPHER-related assets, but there will be continuous updates as more features are released within the Ather Labs Dashboard.


Ather Labs Dashboard — Portfolio Page

The Portfolio page is where users can view all of their SIPHER-related NFTs and tokens. This includes all Genesis Sipher NFTs collections, Sculpture NFTs (see Airdrops below), and Spaceship NFT collections.

There are integrations with token exchanges and secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea, which allow the user to view their total Portfolio value based on current $SIPHER token prices, and NFT floor prices. Additionally, users must access this page to uncover certain functionalities related to some of the NFT collections. For instance, users would need to click on their Spaceship Lootbox NFTs within the Ather Labs Dashboard’s Portfolio page if they wish to bring them back into their Account Inventory (Bring to Off-Chain); and those applicable participants of the NEKO Dutch Auction could redeem their Sculpture NFTs to have their physical sculptures delivered via this page as well.


Ather Labs Dashboard — Airdrops Page

The Airdrops page is where users can view and manage all of the airdrops and rewards that have been awarded to them for participating within the SIPHER ecosystem. For instance, those Genesis NFT holders that were eligible for the $SIPHER Retroactive Airdrop can continue claiming their monthly vested amounts via this page. Additionally, eligible participants of the NEKO Dutch Auction (i.e. those who purchased a NEKO at Silver-tier prices or above) will receive digital items for their claimable merchandise, and a Sculpture NFT (as applicable) — both of which will be claimable in a few weeks’ time.

In the future, any rewards given to community members for participating in or winning events or activities could be dropped directly to them via this page.


Ather Labs Dashboard — Spaceship Page

The Spaceship page is where Genesis Sipher NFT holders will have access to claim their weekly Spaceship Lootboxes, and where users can open their Lootboxes, Build their Spaceships, and perform all other Spaceship-related functionalities.

If you would like to learn more about Spaceships, we’ve already released a few articles that can help you learn all about them.
Part 1 (Spaceships Overview and Mixing Off-chain & On-chain),
Part 2 (Spaceships: Types, In-Game Utility and the Effects of Rarity), and
Part 3 (Spaceships: Claiming Loot Boxes, Minting, and Bringing NFTs to Account Inventory (Off-Chain)).

Note: During release, users can only claim, mint, or bring their Lootbox NFTs back to their Account Inventory. All other functionalities will be released throughout the following weeks.

How to Create your Ather Labs account

So now that you know what the new Ather Labs Dashboard is all about, how can you get started with your own Ather Labs account?

The process is fairly straightforward, but we’ve included a step-by-step tutorial below.


At a minimum, you need the following to create an Ather Labs account:

  • An email account / Gmail / Discord
  • A crypto-wallet

We currently support Metamask, and the following wallets are supported via WalletConnect: Ledger, Tokenary, Infinity Wallet, Wallet 3, SecuX, Ambire, KryptoGO, RICE Wallet, KEYRING PRO

Step-by-step Guide

If you meet the requirements above, you can get started by heading over to

  • You will be presented with the Sign-In page. Click on the “Sign Up” text at the bottom to create an account.
Ather Labs Dashboard — Sign-In Page
  • From the “Sign Up” page, you have a couple of options to create your account:
    a) Create your account with an email and password
    b) Create your account by linking your Gmail or a Social media account
Ather Labs Dashboard — Sign-up Page

If you choose to create your account via email and password, you must verify your account via a passcode that is sent to the email you’ve provided

Ather Labs Dashboard — Sign up using email

If you create your account by linking Gmail or a Social media account, you must simply confirm linking your account via the respective pop-up or page that appears.

  • After you’ve provided the passcode (for email sign up) or completed linking your account (Gmail or other Social media accounts), you must connect your crypto-wallet. To do this, simply click on the respective wallet button that pertains to you and connect it by selecting your wallet account and signing the transaction that appears in the wallet’s notification pop-up.
  • Note: If you don’t have a crypto-wallet, click on ‘Learn more’ to find out how you can get one.
  • Congrats, you’ve completed the Ather Labs account creation process! Now you can enjoy the perks of having one account that will be used throughout all of Ather Labs’ platforms and games.

Closing Remarks

We are extremely grateful for our community’s support. As we move forward with the development of the World of Sipheria game and all of the platforms within the Ather Labs ecosystem, we strive to have various tools and systems that can allow our users to have a seamless and user-friendly experience. This is only the beginning and we are excited for the things to come!

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