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Spaceships: Types, In-Game Utility, and the Effects of Rarity

Hey Sipherian travelers, it’s time for another Spaceship update! In Part 2 of the Spaceship Article Series, we will be focusing on the different types of Spaceships that will be initially available, the expected in-game uses, and how rarity will affect some of these use-cases. We hope you’ve buckled up!


In our previous article, Spaceships Overview and Mixing Off-chain & On-chain, we briefly presented an overview related to the process you will go through when obtaining your Spaceships. Additionally, we discussed that we will be mixing Off-Chain and On-Chain features throughout that whole process, which should greatly benefit Genesis Sipher NFT holders in terms of gas efficiency.

During our initial Spaceships launch, there will be a total of seven (7) available Spaceships to claim. As briefly mentioned in the previous article within the series (Spaceships Overview and Mixing Off-chain & On-chain), most of these Spaceships will be claimable on a weekly basis by collecting their respective Loot boxes. More details about the claiming process, claim schedule, and minting will be shared in next week’s article.

Each of these seven Spaceships will have its own Loot box that will contain all the necessary component parts to build the Spaceship of that type. However, the parts included within the Loot box will have different rarities. You could ‘mix-and-match’ these parts even if each of them has a different rarity, but they must be of the same Spaceship type. As for the rarity of the Spaceship, there will be a Rarity Score attached to each part that will determine ship rarity.

Rarity Score and Spaceship Rarity

As described above, there will be a total of seven obtainable Spaceships (initially). Each one looks and feels different, and will have a different benefit as it relates to the in-game utility.

However, these in-game uses can be affected by the rarity of your Spaceship, which is based on the Rarity Score of all five (5) parts used to build your ship.

How could you calculate the Rarity Score? Easy… well, kind of.

To get started with the calculation process, you must obtain all parts of that same Spaceship type. Afterward, you will need to add up the score of each of the five parts used to build the ship. Here’s the list of the rarity scores (per part):

  • Legendary part — Rarity Score: 20
  • Epic part — Rarity Score: 16
  • Rare part — Rarity Score: 12
  • Uncommon part — Rarity Score: 8
  • Common part — Rarity Score: 4

If the five (5) Spaceship parts used to build the ship are all of the same rarity, then the Spaceship is automatically considered to be of that particular rarity. Following this logic, the list below shows the Rarity Score necessary for a Spaceship to fall into one of the five rarities:

  • Legendary Spaceship — Requires a Rarity Score of 100
  • Epic Spaceship — Requires a Rarity Score of 80
  • Rare Spaceship — Requires a Rarity Score of 60
  • Uncommon Spaceship — Requires a Rarity Score of 40
  • Common Spaceship — Requires a Rarity Score of 20

Now, let’s say that you opened a Loot box and the parts have a mix of rarities. You can build the Spaceship, but the rarity will be determined by the total Rarity Score of all parts added together.

For example, let’s briefly discuss two scenarios in which you opened up the “THE AKAGI” Loot Box.

Scenario 1 (Same Rarity) — You opened up the Loot Box and you obtained the following parts of the same rarity

AKAGI Left Wing, AKAGI Body, AKAGI Tail, AKAGI Undercarriage, AKAGI Right Wing, from left to right, respectively. All parts are of the “Rare” rarity.

In this scenario, you were lucky enough to receive all five parts of the same rarity (Rare) in one Loot Box. If you were to build this ship, it would be considered a Rare Spaceship and would look like this:

AKAGI (Rare) — all parts are of the “Rare” rarity.

Looks pretty cool, right? Well, that’s not all! The higher the rarity achieved, the more benefits (i.e. stats, character boosts, etc.) you can take advantage of. It might be difficult to obtain all of the same parts of the same rarity, but it would certainly be worth it.

Scenario 2 (Varying Rarities)— You opened up the Loot Box and you obtained the following parts of varying rarities

AKAGI Left Wing (Common), AKAGI Body (Rare), AKAGI Tail (Common), AKAGI Undercarriage (Common), AKAGI Right Wing (Common), from left to right, respectively.

As you can see, although the AKAGI Loot Box provided you with five (5) parts of the same Spaceship Type (AKAGI), the parts have different rarities tied to them. You have four (4) Common parts and one (1) Rare part.

If you were to build this ship, it would look something like this.

AKAGI (Common)— contains parts of varying rarities.

Still looks great (in our humble opinion), however, given that the parts are not of the same rarity, this means that we need to calculate the total Rarity Score to determine the rarity of the Spaceship. Let’s add them up:

4 Common parts * 4 (Rarity Score of each Common part) = Total Rarity Score of 16 for these four Common parts

1 Rare part * 12 (Rarity Score of the Rare part) = Rarity Score of 12 for this Rare part

Add them together and you have a total Rarity Score of 28.

Based on this calculation, the Spaceship only meets the requirement for being considered a Common Spaceship (Requires a Rarity Score of 20).

It is not an Uncommon Spaceship since this would require a Rarity Score of 40. If you had two Common parts and three Rare parts, then it would be a different story and the ship would be Uncommon (total Rarity Score of 44 — meets the minimum requirement of 40).

So… what if I’m not lucky enough to get the parts necessary to create a Spaceship of my desired rarity from the Loot Boxes I’ve opened?
In this case, you would have a few options. The obvious would be to purchase Lootboxes or parts them from other Sipherians. Additionally, there will be a ‘Scrapping’ mechanism that will allow you to turn three (3) parts of a specific rarity tier into one (1) part of the next higher rarity tier. More on that in a future article 😉

Moving on, let’s talk about utility and in-game use cases.

In-game Use Cases

After you complete your Spaceship, or even as you are trying to decide what type to go for, the main question on your head will most likely be “So what can I do with these?”. Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

Your Spaceship will have multiple in-game uses including, but not limited to:

Resource Capacity

  • Your Spaceship will essentially serve as storage. It will provide you with space to carry the various resources that you collect throughout your journey within the World of Sipheria.
  • Only the rarity of your Spaceship will affect the capacity of your ship, which directly relates to the number of resources you can carry. Differences in Spaceship types will not have an effect on this capacity. More information about how rarity affects the capacity is shared in the next section “The Effects of Rarity”.

Resource gathering

  • Send your Spaceship to other worlds on auto-pilot to gather extra resources.
  • You can think of this as an “idle expeditions” mode in which you select a Spaceship, and send it to another world to gather certain resources for a specified amount of time (i.e. IRL hours).
  • The rarity of your Spaceship can have an effect on resource-gathering efficiency (i.e. the amount of time taken to gather the resources, or the number of resources gathered per trip).
  • The type of Spaceship could have an effect on the type of resources that the ship could gather. For instance, one type of Spaceship could be more efficient in gathering material A, while another type of Spaceship could be more efficient in gathering material B.

Travel Requirement

  • Given their basic functions of quickly traveling across worlds, you would expect that Spaceships would somehow affect the distance or locations you could travel to. In this case, Spaceships might be required to travel to certain worlds, or you might require a certain Spaceship type to access certain locations depending on their climate and atmosphere.

Progression Safety

  • Although we haven’t shared much of our in-game mechanics (and it’s worth mentioning that this is all still a WIP and as such is subject to change), one of the expected benefits of having a Spaceship is the ability to keep the progress of your current dungeon if you die. Let’s say you’ve obtained a rare item during your dungeon run and that son-of-an-INU dungeon boss destroyed you in one shot, but you don’t have a Spaceship. Well, we’re sorry to say you might regret not having one. With a Spaceship, you could entirely avoid that situation altogether.

Character Stat-boost

  • You can equip Spaceships and further boost the stats of your character during dungeon instances. Each Spaceship type provides a different character boost and provides different in-game stat bonuses. Additionally, the rarity of your Spaceship will either increase or decrease the in-game stat bonuses (See “The Effects of Rarity” below for further details).

Visual Flair

  • What good is it to have a Spaceship if you can’t show it off to your friends or opponents, right? Worry not, you’ll be able to show off your very own Spaceship to other players as you swoop into a dungeon, or by accessing your user profile. There might be more ways to show off your Spaceship in the future, but we’ll only mention those for now.

The Effects of Rarity

We’ve been mentioning rarity throughout this article, but what does rarity really do?

It depends. In essence, the effect of the rarity of a Spaceship will vary based on the use case. For instance, as it relates to using your Spaceship as storage (Resource Capacity): having a higher-rarity Spaceship is equivalent to larger storage, which means that you could carry more resources. Same with resource gathering: a Spaceship of a higher rarity could potentially gather more resources, or could take a shorter amount of time to gather them.

However, we believe that one of the most impactful areas where rarity has an effect is in the Character Stat-boost. For this use case, the rarity of your Spaceship will determine a higher, or lower, increase or decrease of the stat or boost to which the Spaceship type relates to. To make this simpler we shall be providing an example.

Let’s assume that you have a Legendary FLIK FLAK. As we will be sharing later on in this article, the FLIK FLAK is all about mobility. As such, one of the stats that come with this ship is an increase in your character’s movement speed. Now, let’s say you get +20% Movement Speed for your character by equipping a Legendary FLIK FLAK. The +20% increase in character Movement Speed is due to the fact that it is a LEGENDARY Spaceship. However, if you were to equip a Common FLIK FLAK, it would be a +4% increase instead.

As you can see, the rarity of your Spaceship directly affects the stats that you receive from equipping your Spaceship on your character. So it might be worth attempting to get a higher rarity Spaceship in order to take advantage of as many character-related benefits as you can. However, even if you had a lower rarity Spaceship, you will still get some stat bonuses!

All that being said, we can now move on to sharing all the Spaceships in their full color and glory. Let’s get to the juicy details!

Spaceship Types

Note: The Spaceships shown below are the LEGENDARY rarity versions of these Spaceships.
Any percentage or number ranges shown on the Boost or the Character Stat Bonus sections under each Spaceship represent the highest (for Legendary Spaceships) and lowest (for Common Spaceships) amounts of buff or debuff for that particular stat or boost.


THE WANDERING ALICE (Legendary) Spaceship

On every adventure, THE WANDERING ALICE grows more and more curious.

THE WANDERING ALICE has a knack for discovering the unknown. Benefits are tied to exploration and bringing treasures or loot back to the player.

Classification: Exploration


  • Fleet Footed (Costs 10 Mana) — Traps no longer deal damage to you, and traps are highlighted on your screen

Character Stat Bonus:

  • Chance to discover a new blueprint (+2.5% ~ 0.5%)
  • Bonus to your dungeon earnings (+5% ~ 1%)


THE FLIK FLAK (Legendary) Spaceship

This acrobatic trickster feels right at home in the air.

THE FLIK FLAK is all about mobility. Pilots that fly this ship understand that it’s very important to avoid getting touched. As long as you’re alive, you’re a threat.

Classification: Mobility


  • Dash Dash Dash (Costs 50 Mana)Dash cooldown is reduced by 50% ~ 30%

Character Stat Bonus:

  • Movement Speed (+20% ~ 4%)
  • Dodge Chance (+10% ~ 2%)


THE AKAGI (Legendary) Spaceship

High risk, high reward — there’s no gamble too large for the AKAGI.

THE AKAGI is for those who have reached the peak of their craft. Why worry about being a glass cannon when you don’t take any damage?

Classification: High Risk, High Rewards


  • Don’t try me (50 Mana) — All your cooldowns are reset. Debuff: Damage taken is increased by 100% for the next (5 ~ 9) seconds

Character Stat Bonus:

  • 1 Projectile for every weapon shot/attack
  • Movement speed (+5% ~ 1%)
  • Debuff: Damage taken is increased by (50% ~ 70%)


THE AHAB (Legendary) Spaceship

This wicked whirlwind is a ceaseless pursuer.

The only way to win is by going forward. THE AHAB rewards aggression and brings the fight to the enemy.

Classification: Aggression


  • Extended trades (Costs 10 Mana) — For every second spent dealing damage, increase damage dealt by 1% per second until it caps out at (15% ~ 5%). Taking damage or no longer dealing damage resets this buff

Character Stat Bonus:
Note: these are only effective when you are moving towards an enemy

  • Damage (+10% ~ 2%)
  • Movement speed (+10% ~ 2%)
  • Damage taken is reduced by (10% ~ 2%)


THE ZED LEP (Legendary) Spaceship

This NEKO ship will send enemies up the stairway to heaven.

THE ZED LEP is for NEKO mains. These ships confer bonuses to NEKO-specific weapons and their racial abilities. Only NEKO Pilots fully understand these ships.

Exclusivity: This Spaceship (all rarities) is exclusive to NEKO Genesis Sipher NFT Holders

Classification: NEKO-Exclusive Buffs

The boosts from this ship will be dependent on the Sub-race of the character on which the Spaceship is equipped.

  • Felis: Boom Boom Pow (Costs 20 Mana) ‘Cats out of the bag’ grenade damage increased by (25% ~ 15%)
  • Synthetic: Imagine that (Costs 20 Mana) — Hologram duration (x2 ~ x1.5).
  • Phasewalker: Watch your back (Costs 30 mana) — Critical Damage when exiting shadow walk increased by (50% ~ 30%)
  • Crystalis: Diamond cut (Costs 20 Mana) — Enemies trapped by crystal cage now take (20% ~ 10%) extra damage for 5 seconds

Character Stat Bonus:

  • Movement Speed (+10% ~2%)
  • Whip Damage(+20% ~ 10%)
  • Dodge (+5% ~ 1%)


THE BARKING BARON (Legendary) Spaceship

This INU ship is named after the legendary dogfighter pilot — the Red Baron

All INU fanatics sport this ship. Everyone wishes they could possess THE BARKING BARON and reach the same acclaim as the legendary Red Baron, but only INUs are considered experts at flying these ships.

Exclusivity: This Spaceship (all rarities) is exclusive to INU Genesis Sipher NFT Holders

Classification: INU-Exclusive Buffs

The boosts from this ship will be dependent on the Sub-race of the character on which the Spaceship is equipped.

  • Canis: Guided missiles (Costs 20 Mana )— Rockets shot during explosive speed are now homing missiles
  • Bioz: Toxicity (Costs 30 Mana) — Increase Poison Cloud AOE by (25% ~ 15%)
  • Cosmic: Pulse Nova (Costs 10 Mana) — Damage of Super Nova increased by (10% ~ 2%)
  • Cyborg: Stunning Aide (Costs 30 Mana) — Your Robot Turrets now have a (10% ~6%) chance to stun

Character Stat Bonus:

  • Health (+10% ~ 2%)
  • Sword Damage (+20% ~ 10%)
  • Knockback (+5% ~ 1%)
  • Deflection (+5% ~ 1%)


THE TUNKU— One of the six (6) variations of this Legendary Spaceship

The sovereign on the battlefield remains unchallenged.

THE TUNKU is a ship for those that crave the battlefield, those that are constantly engaging in combat, and those that believe that battles can only be ended if they win. THE TUNKU will give bonuses to damage, in both its base stats and boosts.

Exclusivity: This Spaceship (all variations) is only obtainable via the Loyalty Program and other Special Events

Classification: Damage


  • Rush of Battle (Costs 30 Mana) — Killing an enemy increases your damage by (10% ~6%) for 3 seconds, the duration refreshes on kill.

Character Stat Bonus:

  • Melee Damage (+5% ~ 1%)
  • Ranged Damage (+5% ~ 1%)
  • Reload Speed (+10% ~ 2%)
  • Chance to stun (+5% ~ 1%)

Closing Remarks

That concludes Part 2 of the Spaceships Article Series. We’ve gone through the differences between Spaceships, Rarity Score & Spaceship rarity, the expected in-game uses of Spaceships, how rarity affects these use cases, and we’ve also showcased the initial seven (7) Spaceship types. We hope that these details can provide some insight as to the future use of Spaceships and that it can help you determine which Spaceship type with a thematic or classification best suits your playstyle.

In next week’s article, we plan to cover Loot boxes (Claiming), Minting and Bridging (bringing back Off-Chain) as we get closer to the date of the Spaceships launch. Stay tuned to our Discord announcements!


All information shared herein, and all gameplay mechanics are currently a Work-in-Progress (WIP). As such, any in-game use-cases, mechanics, character stat bonuses, or boosts mentioned here are subject to alterations as game balancing and mechanics are polished. Further, these stats are NOT FINAL and can change (get buffed, nerfed, or changed into something else entirely) by the time the game launches. However, the overall theme and classification of each Spaceship type are expected to remain fairly consistent — if your ship’s classification is Mobility, then it will benefit mobility.

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