Overpowered heroes in Dota 2 Update 7.20

Jan 10, 2019 · 15 min read


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Today with you again your faithful vassal — SirAzAzeL. It is really important to grade your skill in every sphere of your life and Dota 2 is not an exception. All of us want to have better rank in this game, play better and get a possibility to win some games solo. Also, we want to get that feeling of better play that we have while we go in rank matches as in CSGO as in Dota 2. So, in what ways we can develop our skill and possibility to win. In this blog we will discuss all strategies and OP heroes which will help you to play better and be more useful for your team in the game.

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Patch 7.20 and new view of Dota rank matches

Some months ago IceFrog who is a developer of our favorite game — Dota2, gave us new update of the game which leads to big changes in the understanding of the game and in the way usual games go through. It is very important to adapt to all changes to increase your chance to win in most games in rank matches. We see a lot of changes of heroes in the game, so in is quite understandable that your usual play will differ from your old one. Main changes you can read in our blog that was on our site. https://yesportsbet.com/blog/

Let’s see some interesting information about the way of developing your play and increasing of chance you have in every game to win.

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What is OP heroes and how you can use them?

In all games there are some heroes who can help you to feel more comfortable and powerful along you’re playing some games. Often, people use these heroes to increase their opportunity to win because not of the level of their skill, but because of the amazing spells and their power of heroes people usually use. So, you need to know that in the way of choosing right heroes in the very beginning of the game you can win the game from the very first second by counter picking enemy’s heroes. By doing this you prevent powerful moves and almost all strategies of your opponent along all game. You need to understand what heroes you need to take in different situations in the game. Some of them we will mention by discussing Meta heroes with which you will have better chance to win.

All in all, there are some very powerful heroes in Dota 2 in this patch which you can use to have an advantage against you opponents. It is useful to have chain reaction of wins in a row.

What kind of strategies there are in the game and how to understand in what situations you need to use them?

This question needs to be discussed to understand different ways of playing in different situations that you need to know to develop your skill. All in all, as in real life you need to know different way of solution of one problem to minimize your cost of the moves you do. It is very useful to understand as in real life as in Dota 2 and other game. Also, the name of these different moves in the game cold Macro moments.

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There are some core situations that you can face in the game and solve them by picking heroes or making some decisions along the game while you playing. You need to know a lot of information to use it fluently which will provide you a chance to adapt to every situation which you can face in the game. Information about heroes and some special possibilities that they can do with their abilities you can read in the blogs down below. Enjoy this information and read some core statements about spell of all heroes to know what you can do while you are playing.

Strength heroes https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/

Agility heroes https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/

Intelligence heroes https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-intelligence/

All in all every player has some knowledge about the game and has some kind of a plan to win the game. The most common mistake that players like to do while they are playing Dota 2 is to pick some heroes that they just want to play because they like them or think that they are OP heroes. In these cases we will see that opponent`s team will punish your team because of counter picks of their team. It is important to understand what you should pick to win whole game and get a feeling of victory, but not just fun. All heroes have their counter picks, but for some reasons there are heroes who are more powerful even if in opponents team there is a hero who can counter yours.

So, let`s mention several strategies that usually will be good in all cases and will give you an opportunity to prevent and crush strategy of your opponents.

“Fast push”

First strategy is “Fast push”. This core strategy based on heroes who can give good possibilities to end game very fast and early kills of opponent`s heroes. It is good strategy if there is some late heroes in enemy`s pick and you will need to finish this game fast. There are several heroes which you can take in this plan like:

Drow Ranger will provide you good buff to all range ally heros which will increase their attack speed and provide you a possibility to activate her third ability to boost all range ally creeps on the map which will help you to push. Also, she can be a good core hero in the late game because of good attack spell and bonuses which are provided by her ultimate.

Terror Blade also good choice for “Fast push” strategy. He needs a little number of items to push his and other lanes by his third ability which increases his attack damage and provide him a range forms. Also, has good amount of armor which will give you good possibilities to tank physical damage. Illusions also will be boosted by you third spell.

Pugna is good solution when you need to push enemy towers safe by using some distance abilities. She can easily make pressure on enemy`s core hero and push her hard lane of easy lane. It is very good hero because of pushing ability which is provided by her first spell. It has a low cooldown and damage enemy tower well, so you will be able to push it pretty fast.

Luna is a good carry who with her third and second passive abilities can push her lane pretty fast. She can give bonus attributes which will increase all possible pushing abilities of her teammates which will give them good push on the lanes. Also, with her second passive she can kill enemy creeps and push tower in the same time. Good in combination with Vengeful Spirit who will boost her even more.

All in all there are lot heroes who can push towers pretty fast. Other information you can check in our blogs which will give you whole picture of heroes who can do this. We will mention them by the categories:

Strength: Dragon Knight, Tiny, Huskar, BeastMaster, Lucan, Chaos Knight.

Dragon Knight — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Dragon%20Knight

Tiny — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Tiny

Huskar — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Huskar

BeastMaster — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Beastmaster

Lycan — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Lycan

Chaos Knight — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/#Chaos%20Knight

Agility: Morphling, Sniper, Troll Warlord, Venomancer, Clinkz, Meepo.

Morphling — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Morphling

Sniper — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Sniper

Troll Warlord — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Troll%20Warlord

Venomancer — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Venomancer

Clinkz — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Clinkz

Meepo — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/#Meepo

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“Late game”

Second strategy is about becoming more and more powerful with a time of farming and safe lanning all the time. In this case you need some cores that need to farm for a pretty long time and only then they can fight and kill enemy cores. In addition, they have almost only late potential to win in such games. It is really hard to imagine that you need such a long period of farming to do something serious. Your team must understand that you need to buy several items which will help you as to stay save after a fight or to kill enemy supports or cores pretty fast. This strategy is good in the case when your opponent has cores who will be good in the late game and you need to pick some core to be much better and much more powerful.

There are a lot of heroes who can carry on in the late game, but with nowadays changes we need to mention the most powerful of them. It is important to know how to counter them, so we will give you some advises which will help you to take everything under control. Most playable carry heroes on the carry position are:

Anti-Mage who can farm really fast and get one item after another and kill all team solo in mass fight if he get enough time to farm his jungle and lanes. Also, he is very good split pusher because of his mobility on the map. This character is a good choice against casters and heroes who deal big amount of magical damage at all.

Terror Blade also a good carry hero in the late game because of the powerful illusions which he can control by his second spell. Also, he is good against all physical damage which opponent`s team can deal to him. Also, has good ultimate which can provide him a chance to stay alive in the fight for a long time. He need a lot of farm and help of support to get good items.

Slark is one of the most powerful heroes of nowadays Meta. He can stay safe and kill all around the map. His ultimate provide him as good possibilities in fight to deal damage and not to take any damage instead and be safe if some heroes of enemy team will try to catch him. Also, his second spell provide good possibilities as in early game as in late game. First spell will give you good possibility to farm jungle and lanes. Good ganker and very powerful carry in the late game.

Spectre is very powerful hero who needs a lot of farm to begin to kill all over the team. With buying of the one expensive item she begins to farm all around the lanes and jungle which provide her goo increase of farming. It is very good hero because of the stats that she has and possibility to survive and take a lot of physical and magical damage in the fight. Also, with good items and her ultimate you will be able to kill all enemy team in several seconds.

Phantom Lancer really good decision when there is no splash heroes in enemy team. With this hero you will be able to chase a lot of spells with his second ability and kill all enemies in mass fights. Also, he has good attributes which provide him good damage that he can deal and good damage that he can soak in the fight. Pick this hero when you are sure that enemy will be unable to splash and kill all you illusions with a one hit.

Juggernaut is good carry for solo playing. One of the most popular on the pro scene because of his powerful abilities and comfortable attributes in the early game. With several items you can make good killing machine out of him which will increase you chances to win. He needs a little amount of help from his supports, so it would be quite easy to stay on the lane even if you need to stay solo. Also, his passive will increase your potential to farm which will be good along the game.

Phantom Assassin is one of the most popular and easy to play heroes in this top. With a little number of items you will deal very good amount of physical damage to all heroes you want to. It is very useful hero, especially for solo playing because of her easy gameplay and good possibilities in mass fights. She can cut several targets for seconds which will not only give you an advantage, but also make psychological pressure on your opponents. She need good support who will help her to boost in farming.

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These heroes are not all in this top. We want to share with you all information about the heroes you will face in rank matches. Check them below.

Agility — Mirana, Monkey King, Troll Warlord, Naga Siren, Gyrocopter, Viper, Medusa, Faceless Void.

Agility — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-agility/

Strength — Kunka, Tiny, Alchemist, Chaos Knight, Sven.

Strength — https://yesportsbet.com/strength-dota-2-heroes/

Intelligence — Silencer, Tinker, Storm Spirit, Invoker, Zeus.

Intelligence — https://yesportsbet.com/heroes-of-dota-2-intelligence/

“Magical damage”

It is important to remember some cases when you need to deal a lot of magical damage to your opponents. Usual in this cases people choose mid lane to get higher level and get it pretty fast. Also, this is one of the core positions in the game which can lead your team to win. You can help your team and be quite useful by ganking and killing enemy heroes on entire map. With a new Update it becomes much easier to carry on the game by playing casters because of the good grade of Null Talisman which will provide you increase of your spell power. So, such heroes as Zues, Skywrath Mage and Lion become more and more popular because of the ability to burst their target in a second with their spells. Here are some heroes who you can pick and win easily in the game:

Skywrath Mage is one of the most powerful caster in the game who can deal a lot of magical damage to solo target in seconds with a low cooldown of abilities which provide him good killing abilities in mass fight all game long. It is important because you can deal da lot of magical damage from the very beginning till the end of the game. His abilities will give you amazing damage that you can deliver to your opponent`s face.

Lion is one of the heroes who can one shot his enemies. With his ultimate that you can grade as with you talent as with Aghanim Scepter as with other items which increase all magical ability damage that you can deal you can kill your enemies only with your ultimate. Also, he is very powerful in the mid lane because of his good contol abilities with which he can make solo kills from the very first second of the game.

Here are some more heroes that you can use in this strategy. You can check their abilities and information about them in our blog by the links below.

Agility: Gyrocopter, Nyx Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Venomancer, Arc Warden.

Strength: Kunka, Earthshaker, Timbersaw.

Intelligence: Tinker, Chen, Puck, Storm Spirit, Oracle, Queen of Pain, Pugna, Invoker, Lina.

What main counter picks you should know to have more chances to win?

All in all, every character has their own weakness which gives you an opportunity to find a solution against characters that you will probably see in rank matches. It is important to know such information because you will give an advantage to your team which will lead you to win. So, you have several options to control some heroes and be ready to pick these counter picks because you will be able to make suffer your opponent from the very beginning of the game. We need to mention that usually games can be won on the stage of picks because of the possibility of a team to pick better heroes than heroes from the opponent`s team. But, even if they pick something better than your team do, you have a chance to play better and not to do mistakes. In this case you will be able to predict all moves of the opponents and make right decisions along the game to save your team or do important kills.

We will give you some information about main counter picks that you should know against all new Meta heroes of this Update. It will give you an advantage above all other players who play for fun or just play because they want to, but don’t want to win in this game.

First pick that you can face is Anti-Mage. This hero is very popular because of the possibility to play solo all around the map and farm everything that moves on the map. This hero is very useful against such heroes as Storm Spirit, Zeus, Skywrath Mage and other casters who have a lot of mana in their manapool. In this case you need someone who has good control abilities to root him to the ground with making him unable to blink out. Also, it is possible to pick heroes with good mobility. There are several good heroes for this such as — Centaur Warrunner, Slardar, Earthshaker, Sand King and other heroes with good abilities which will provide you a stun or root. Also, one of the most useful heroes against Anti-Mage is Legion Commander who will disable him in the fight and catch him all around the map. This hero is very useful against him because of the possibility to deal her ultimate through his third spell.

Second hero that you can face in rank matchmaking is Slark and this hero need to be countered by several ways because of his first spell. This spell provide him to cancel almost all debuffs which will lay on him such as Hex, all poisons, Dusts and others control abilities. His ultimate provide him good healing while you enemy doesn’t see him, so he will buy Shadow Blade for sure, You can control this hero by picking such support as Ancient Apparition who will give your team a possibility to prevent all healing that this hero — Stark, will take out of his teammates and his own ultimate. It is very useful in the mass fight to make him suffer from all your magical and physical damage. Also, you can make sudden attacks while his first spell is in cooldown to prevent his possibility to dispel stuns or hex out of him. It is good idea to pick such heroes as Lion or Shadow Shaman with a Blink Dagger which will give you good possibility to lay to him hex suddenly while your teammates will kill him.

Third hero who is now very popular is Terror Blade and this case is very difficult to solve because of the only one chance to kill this hero if his team helps him. You need to play with your team and makes him suffer of your sudden attacks on the lane and in the jungle. You must to prevent his farming and make pressure by picking good hard lanes which will provide you a chance to win. Also, it is possible to take a lot of heroes with control abilities which will provide you good opportunities to focus this hero in mass fights. It is important to know that you need Black King Bar on your core roles because of his ultimate which he can use to stay with full HP in the fight. Try to focus him with magical damage because of his resist to physical damage. He has good attributes of agility which provides him good ability to tank as with his illusions as with his own body. Also, be careful not to feed this hero because he can finish you game pretty fast. Against this hero will be good fast push strategy to prevent late game where he can kill all your team.

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Another hero that you can face is Phantom Assassin who can is really powerful hero in this game. You need to be careful because of the snowball ability of this hero. She need a little number of items to begin kill your team all around the map. You need to do all things right to kill this hero in late game and prevent her farming and killing you team. Heroes who can take this hero under control are casters who can deal lot of magical damage as their burst. It is very important because of a little mount of health of Phantom Assassin. You need such heroes as Lion, Lina, or Zeus who will deal a lot of magical damage. As an option you can pick a lot of heroes with control abilities to stun her. In addition, you are able to pick heroes with good amount of armor because she deals physical damage to you. In this case good choice will be to pick such heroes as Phantom lancer or Terror Blade who will have good opportunity to kill this character.

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Here are main cases where you need to know some counter picks that will help you to kill new Meta heroes and make your team able to win in this march. Be careful and skilled enough to kill all enemy team and farm all lanes in the same time to grow your chances to win. It is important to remember that you need items and level to win in this game. You not need a lot of kills to grow your power. Here is a blog which will help you to grade your skill in Dota 2 and be better in this game, so enjoy it and become good players. See you in the next blog.

Your faithful vassal,



Advises and good tricks from professional gamer.


Written by


Professional player with high rate in games: Dota 2–6500 MMR; CSGO — “GLobal”. Coaching skill in playing&betting in esports disciplines.https://yesportsbet.com/



Advises and good tricks from professional gamer. High rate with useful advices.


Written by


Professional player with high rate in games: Dota 2–6500 MMR; CSGO — “GLobal”. Coaching skill in playing&betting in esports disciplines.https://yesportsbet.com/



Advises and good tricks from professional gamer. High rate with useful advices.

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