KNC Options Now on SIREN Tradewind

Kyber Network and SIREN Markets are excited to announce that Call options for KNC are now available on SIREN Tradewind.🔱

Kyber Network is a blockchain-based liquidity hub that connects liquidity from a wide range of sources to power instant and secure crypto exchange in any decentralized application. They have recently launched great initiatives with their KyberDMM and Rainmaker program which provide efficient Dynamic AMM pricing and Liqudity Pools(LP) and incentives. More information about Kyber’s DMM high capital efficiency and info can be found here.

They are the second project to launch on SIREN Tradewind, where fans of a partner project interact with its native token in new, more sophisticated ways through DeFi derivatives. With call options available through Tradewind, users can act on their predictions of the future of their favorite tokens while capping their downside risk.

Tradewind allows KNC holders to deposit their tokens into a KNC pool as LPs to earn passive option-writing yield. LPs in the KNC pool earn the premium every time someone buys an option. They also receive yield from trading fees (slippage), early withdrawal conversion fees, plus additional rewards in the SIREN native token, $SI. By decentralizing the AMM process, SIREN removes the middle man and gives the power to run markets directly to the community.

KNC Community members now have the opportunity to buy KNC call options, which allow a user to buy future KNC at a discount if KNC moons. A holder of a call option gets the full upside of the increase in price of KNC, but their loss is capped at the price of the option premium, which is a fraction of the full price.

Check out KNC/USDC Calls here👈

SIREN is a decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrency options designed for the sophisticated degen. As a trader, come participate in market upside while limiting your risk by buying options on your favorite DeFi tokens. As an LP, come pool your favorite DeFi assets to passively earn rewards when people bet on the markets.

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