SIREN V2 Deployment: Call for LP Migration

SIREN Lyonesse V2 is coming to a sea near you 🧜‍♀️

SIREN V2 (Lyonesse) has been deployed, and we need your help to make the dream of the new SIREN protocol a reality! Lyonesse is a kingdom of lore which legends say was lost to the sea, swallowed whole in a cataclysmic tsunami caused by a violent storm summoned at the whims of a vengeful god. We’ve named V2 Lyonesse to signify raising from the water treasures long considered out of reach, drowned in the blue depths.

SIREN v1 to v2 Liquidity Provider Migration Guide

Let’s assume you are a UNI Liquidity Provider on the SIREN V1 app and want to migrate to V2.