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Defi Pulse and SIREN Markets are excited to announce that Liquidity Pool deposits for DPI are now available on SIREN Tradewind. 🔱

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Defi Pulse is an industry leading platform on all things Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and is the go-to information aggregator. By tracking the industry and individual project Total Value Locked (TVL) numbers, anyone is able to understand what is happening in DeFi.

DPI is an Index product co-created between Set Protocol, IndexCoop and Defi Pulse. It comprises the 16 most popular DeFi tokens on Ethereum. …

Dear SIREN community, we first want to reassure you that we have stopped the recent exploit. Thank you deeply to all those who helped with the situation.

Our community and users are our priority. We are committed to making this right for those impacted by the exploit. Below details the events of the exploit and our next steps.

What Happened?

TL;DR: On 3 September 2021 at around 12:17 AM UTC several SIREN AMM pools were exploited via a reentrancy attack. As a result, approximately $3.5M worth of assets were drained from the AMM pools. …

SIREN has launched V2 Lyonesse on Polygon! 🎉

SIREN first unlocked the seagate for DeFi options trading with our v1 launch in Q1 2021. Since then, SIREN has been working continuously to improve our trading experience, and today we are proud to announce that Lyonesse, the V2 release of SIREN, is now live on Polygon. For purposes of scaling and bringing more traders into the space the team has deployed. This new platform will bring to traderswider asset availability, lower gas fees, and overall improvements to the trading experience and will allow SIREN to scale as we bring more traders into the space.

Lyonesse is a kingdom of…

We have been busy swimming in Q2 and are happy to announce our next quarter roadmap. This post aims to outline the technical and community direction of SIREN Protocol for the upcoming Q3.

Q2 and v2 Lyonesse Release

Details of our previous Q2 upgrades can be found in this article. The SIREN Protocol v2 Lyonesse release, named after the long lost underwater kingdom near England, had several protocol upgrades.

  • Moved from American to European style options
  • Switched from physical settlement to cash settlement
  • Switched to EIP-1155 for lower gas costs
  • Redesigned our user interface

SIREN Lyonesse V2 is coming to a sea near you 🧜‍♀️

SIREN V2 (Lyonesse) has been deployed, and we need your help to make the dream of the new SIREN protocol a reality! Lyonesse is a kingdom of lore which legends say was lost to the sea, swallowed whole in a cataclysmic tsunami caused by a violent storm summoned at the whims of a vengeful god. We’ve named V2 Lyonesse to signify raising from the water treasures long considered out of reach, drowned in the blue depths.

In order to launch Lyonesse V2, the community must move their current Ethereum L1 Liquidity to the new V2 App on Polygon. Once LPs…

Kyber Network and SIREN Markets are excited to announce that Call options for KNC are now available on SIREN Tradewind.🔱

Kyber Network is a blockchain-based liquidity hub that connects liquidity from a wide range of sources to power instant and secure crypto exchange in any decentralized application. They have recently launched great initiatives with their KyberDMM and Rainmaker program which provide efficient Dynamic AMM pricing and Liqudity Pools(LP) and incentives. More information about Kyber’s DMM high capital efficiency and info can be found here.

They are the second project to launch on SIREN Tradewind, where fans of a partner project…

As posted on our Discourse Gov Forum

Context of changes to SIP-13: Aqua DAO

The main aims of SIP-13 were to start co-creating with working groups and community members of SI community.

After hearing community feedback from @swissmiss, we recognize that the AquaDAO may have been too confusing for our commmunity to follow. The DAO aspect can be confusing as we are yet to migrate towards Snapshot voting and the funding of the different categories had some improvements areas.

Hence the rebranding of AquaDAO to Siren Grants.

We will still be operating with regular Siren Community calls to coordinate working groups similar to IndexCoop as we would…

Oh the seas have been busy! This is a combined Deep Sea update for May and June 2021 and there is a lot to report about these two months. As you may have noticed our tridents and merfolk colours have changed with the rebrand. This will help us explore the seas with more confidence and help SIREN’s growth.

Our main focus has been our v2 contracts. They have been finished and been submitted to Quantstamp for auditing! …

This article builds off of previous DeFi options categorization work, please check out this article released on December 1, 2020.

Similar to traditional markets, the DeFi landscape has experienced fragmentation, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency options. At SIREN Markets, we have been working on our v2 for trading options, and in the course of our development process, we have conducted substantial in-depth research into the field of available DeFi options protocols.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DeFi options landscape, read on for an in-depth analysis of the available protocols.

In traditional finance markets (TradFi), options are…

SIREN Protocol launched its trading platform in March 2021 and we have settled over $10M cumulative volume since the launch. With our platform, Liquidity Providers (LPs) have the opportunity to pool funds into the various option pools (YFI, UNI, SUSHI, WETH & MATIC).

A liquidity provider is one who deposits a collateral asset into the SIREN AMM pool, e.g. for the SUSHI/USDC Call Pool the collateral asset is SUSHI. LPs become covered option writers in a passive way, automatically underwriting contracts when there is demand.

LPs earn yield in three ways:

  • Collecting options premiums when traders buy options
  • Trading slippage…

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