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Dear SIREN community, we first want to reassure you that we have stopped the recent exploit. Thank you deeply to all those who helped with the situation.

Our community and users are our priority. We are committed to making this right for those impacted by the exploit. …

We have been busy swimming in Q2 and are happy to announce our next quarter roadmap. This post aims to outline the technical and community direction of SIREN Protocol for the upcoming Q3.

Q2 and v2 Lyonesse Release

Details of our previous Q2 upgrades can be found in this article. The SIREN Protocol v2 Lyonesse…

SIREN Lyonesse V2 is coming to a sea near you 🧜‍♀️

SIREN V2 (Lyonesse) has been deployed, and we need your help to make the dream of the new SIREN protocol a reality! Lyonesse is a kingdom of lore which legends say was lost to the sea, swallowed whole in a cataclysmic tsunami caused by a violent storm summoned at the…

SIREN Protocol launched its trading platform in March 2021 and we have settled over $10M cumulative volume since the launch. With our platform, Liquidity Providers (LPs) have the opportunity to pool funds into the various option pools (YFI, UNI, SUSHI, WETH & MATIC).

A liquidity provider is one who deposits…

Siren Markets

Trading Unleashed, Creating Series for any ERC-20

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