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SIREN Grants Program

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Context of changes to SIP-13: Aqua DAO

The main aims of SIP-13 were to start co-creating with working groups and community members of SI community.

After hearing community feedback from @swissmiss, we recognize that the AquaDAO may have been too confusing for our commmunity to follow. The DAO aspect can be confusing as we are yet to migrate towards Snapshot voting and the funding of the different categories had some improvements areas.

Hence the rebranding of AquaDAO to Siren Grants.

We will still be operating with regular Siren Community calls to coordinate working groups similar to IndexCoop as we would like model our community similar to this approach.

What is the Siren Grants Program

In order to promote a more vibrant community, the Siren Grants Program is proposed to push forward the decentralized development of the protocol. The goal is to provide support to projects seeking to further the development and decentralization, therefore grants will be provided to the following categories:

  • Usability
  • Community
  • Developer Tooling
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)

These being the core focus, there should also be two categories as a catch-all, one is for Siren Foundation defined projects or Request for Proposals (RFPs) as they are formally known in the non-degen world, the other is simply for Others. The latter being a category for community driven solutions that do not fit in the standard categories.

What are the goals for the categories?

  • Usability: Options by definition are complex financial instruments that are understood by advanced degens. A core factor in ensuring maximum decentralization is enabling usability of the protocol. This may be defined by software abstraction layers which enable greater utility of the application such as Ribbon Finance that bring options to a broader audience by simplifying the user experience.
  • Community: The SIREN community will be growing and are looking for all typed of skilled contributors to add the ecosystem. From creative design, content creation, regular Discord and Telegram discussions to being the best SIREN sea meme creators, we welcome all to apply. This is modelled off the incentives and working group model that IndexCoop and BanklessDaohave created compelling communities.
  • Developer Tooling: Developer tools are important in order to enable greater innovation on Siren Protocol. Developer tools may be comprised of data analytics tools, command line interface tools, or other software based tooling that enables greater exploration and innovation on Siren Protocol.

How to get started?

Our initial SIREN Grants Website is available here for application. Feel free to message us on Discord and we will be able to help you navigate the seas to collaborating on your SIREN grant. 🧜‍♀️

SIREN is a decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrency options designed for the sophisticated degen. As a trader, come participate in market upside while limiting your risk by buying options on your favorite DeFi tokens. As an LP, come pool your favorite DeFi assets to passively earn rewards when people bet on the markets.

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