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Since moving back to Lagos, Nigeria, I noticed a serious lack of designers sharing resources with one another. There’s no Sidebar,, weekly newsletters, and more, for the design community here. Below are some of the resources I regularly use, or found. They help me stay up to date with different design communities, learn about being a better designer, and getting free or paid assets. Enjoy!

Credits: teybannerman, Greg Rog, Amy Smith, Jens Wedin, Guy Ligertwood


  1. Online Prototyping
  2. User Testing & Feedback
  3. UI Design Patterns
  4. Colours & Gradients
  5. User & Profile Photos
  6. Stock Photography
  7. Icons
  8. Fonts
  9. Design Inspiration
  10. Useful Tools
  11. Form Handling & Mailers
  12. Resources & Guides
  13. Books

1. Online Prototyping



Webflow ($16/month)

UXPin ($15/month)

Flinto ($20/month)

Codiqa ($16/month)

2. User Testing & Feedback



Typeform (awesome surveys)

User Testing

Feedback Army


CrazyEgg — Visualise where your visitors click

Try My UI


Feedbackify (free trial, then $19/month)


Concept Feedback


3. UI Design Patterns

Pttrns — Mobile User Interface Patterns

Pttrns Beta

User Flow Patterns

User Onboarding

iOS apps animated user flows

4. Colours & Gradients

Adobe Color CC

Color Scheme Designer

Color Lovers


Subtle Patterns

Material Design Color Palette Generator

Blend — generate CSS3 gradients

Color Supplyyy

5. User & Profile Photos

UI Faces

Random User Generator

Facebox (paid collection, royalty-free)

Random Users Generator

10. Useful Tools

Dunnnk — Generate Device Mockups

Pixelapse — Visual Version Control for Designers

Screen Sizes (popular device screen dimensions)

Am I Responsive?

uilang — a minimal, ui-focused programming language for web designers

Hologram — build and maintain beautiful style guides

Modern UI UX Design Tools

12. Resources & Guides

Design Kit

Design Principles

User Research Techniques

Repository of Design Guidelines

CSS and JS Easing Animation Cheatsheet with snippets

Google Material Design Guidelines

iPhone 6 Screens Demystified

The 7 Deadly Sins of User Research

Learn UI Design

UX Power Tools

UX Collective


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