Back then, when I used to dream more than I should, when everything was hazy, I never in a million years imagined I would be at one of the biggest tech events in Kenya (Nairobi Innovation Week), not as a spectator, salivating at the mind blowing innovations out here but as one of the exhibitors.


So there we are, young men setting our stuff, next to big brands like Huduma Centre or Safaricom, and we seemed to have the X-Factor; the kind of aura that pulls people to you just to know you, just to find more about what you’re doing. I told you we are ‘fisis’, come see us you’ll know why, prepared to be blown away though.

The Request Team

There’s something about finding the right team. Almost like finding a pair of socks that match your feet to a tee. Something in the connection, when all the things you think are in sync almost to a fault, you’d swear in another lifetime you were the same person only to be dissipated into different lives. I heard once that 2 years of friendship define if you’ll last. We’ve been together for 8 yet by day we find out new things about each other and appreciate each other more. I must admit there are days I feel as if we are moving too fast, that things won’t work, but then everything is okay once I call @Shimanyi or @Ali asks me something I was thinking, I realize am not in this on my own but we are in this together. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

Everyday is different at Sisitech, everyday is a challenge, waking up has never been easier though, why? Because you are ready to face anything that comes your way. Davids yearning to slay Goliaths. If it were back in time, we would all be at the forefront of the Zulu wars, warriors ready die for our cause. I guess, in a way we are for #Request. The vision we have, as much as the path isn’t clear, is defined. Definite. Assured. The lost sleep burning the midnight oil working on the product and the early mornings capturing the right connections, molding the business like birds getting the best worms, cutting the edges of our diamond making it shine even brighter, it’s all worth it, don’t you think? Imagine how beautiful the perfect gem looks like, now imagine you yourself created it. It’s funny, whenever we think we’ve got it, something or someone tells us there’s more to be done. Remember when you were young and were always drilled that things work out in ways we can’t explain? Well, yes and no, later on in life, you figure out that everything is a puzzle and your efforts make you solve them, that one step leads to a bigger one. When it’s all said and done, you’ve left a legacy, you’ve changed the world. The best part about this is; we are doing it with each of our passions, our synergy integrated to form a torpedo of a team in #Request #Sisitech.

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