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5 Unique Ways to Propel your Tech Career

Written by Mariam Hamzat

Photo Credit: Daniel Thomas, Unsplash

Starting a career in tech is one of the new in-things, and it’s great that you’re making the effort. While you’re taking the classes and finishing up your courses, we have curated a list of 5 ways you can propel your tech career easily and very fast. This way, you can build your career and make a good company’s payroll in no time.

Here are 5 unique ways to propel your tech career:

1. Securing an Internship

After taking the courses or classes and acquiring the skills, you can secure an internship. Interning at a company of your choice for a few months will allow you to put into practise some of the things you’ve learnt. It also allows you to apply them in real-time situations, as opposed to practising with samples. Of course, very many organisations often open the call for interns. However, you can also shoot your shot at one of your choice if they do not publicly announce the call for internship applications. You can pick a remote internship or an on-site one based on whatever suits you. Just secure an internship, and get the best practises to help your career.

2. Create a Portfolio

While working on your resume or CV, you should also have your portfolio. A portfolio is an online or offline compilation of your previous work or projects. A portfolio is a perfect way to show potential employers what you are capable of. A portfolio does more than just list your skills; it shows what you have accomplished with those skills, your level of experience, and what you can accomplish with the new organization. Your portfolio could be a personal website showcasing your work, or other third-party portfolio websites. Finally, make your portfolio easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to access.

3. Attend Boot Camps or Hackathons

Bootcamps and hackathons give you the perfect opportunity to test your skills and broaden your network. Want to meet people in your field, network, and attend events? Go to tech events! No, this is not your sign to attend all events and not work on projects. Pick the relevant events in your field, do not shy away from meeting people in your field’s community, share insights with them, as well as your projects. Often, employers visit these events too and have their eyes out for new talents. You just might be one of the ones to land a job directly!

4. Build on your Skills

Here’s a hack — If you have a specific role in mind, build your skills to meet the role. A while ago, I learnt to use my LinkedIn effectively. Search for the people in roles you’ll like to occupy and check out the skills that they possess. You can also check out vacancies for these roles for the skills required. This way, you know what you have to work on to further position yourself. Although you do not have to have 100% of the required skills before applying for jobs, it’s often cool to have some of the required skills.

5. Take the Plunge

Here is your sign to start that project, work on that pitch and shoot your shot. There is no perfect time for anything, so take the plunge, even when you’re nervous. Working on personal (open-source) projects and sharing them further gives your portfolio all that it needs. If you think working with a particular expert in your field is what you need, send them that mail, reach out to that company, and keep building the skills.

Mariam Hamzat is a content writer and journalist with an interest in tech, sustainable development, and communal growth.

Edited by Naimah Akinoso

Naimah is an editor and product designer with a passion for interior design. She loves cooking, finding new recipes online, and trying them. She also loves reading and watching horror movies. Connect with Naimah on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Dribbble.

Published by Titilope Adedokun

Titilope is on a mission to tell authentic stories of women and connect them with much-needed resources and opportunities. Connect with Titilope on LinkedIn and her personal website.



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