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Nigerian Women, This Week

Compiled by Titilope Adedokun

It’s so tough to find good news about Nigerian women online. Google Nigerian women. It’s usually some writer telling Nigerian women what to do with their lives, and their bodies. Or articles about the worst things. This is not okay.

The media can be a source of empowerment for women. Nigerian women should be able to read the news and be inspired, excited, happy or all of the above. This is what Nigerian Women, This Week is all about… Celebrating the wins, joys and justice of and for Nigerian women weekly.

This week, Nigerian women have shown up and showed off! Check out some of our favourite Naija Girl moments from this week.

1. Tobi Amusan wins the 100m hurdle race at the Women’s Diamond League in Zurich.

Tobi is the first Nigerian to win in the League. And, she did it with a new African and personal record of 12.42 secs.

Photo by AFP

2. The Duchess of Cornwall becomes the patron of The Mirabel Centre, Nigeria’s First Sexual Assualt Referral Centre

The Duchess of Cornwall has become the first patron of The Mirabel Centre, a Sexual Assault Referral Centre that has supported over 6000 survivors, and reaches over 300,000 Nigerian women and girls monthly.

Check out the Mirabel Centre here

Photo credit — CNN

3. Yiaga calls for the passage of the Gender Equal Opportunities Bill, a much-needed landmark law for women’s rights in Nigeria

At a workshop organized by Yiaga Africa, emphasis is placed on the need for the National Assembly to pass the Gender Equal Opportunities Bill to protect and promote the rights of Nigerian women.

Photo Credit — Vanguard

4. A Lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is rightfully dismissed for sexually harassing female students

Sexual harassment in Nigerian universities is like sand. It’s everywhere! This is why the dismissal of this lecturer would serve as a deterrent for others like him.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Are you Nigerian and female, and got some good news to share? Send it to us at We would love to hear about and share all your wins!

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