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Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide On How To Create And Sell Your First NFT

Written by Mariam Hamzat

Niranjan Photographs via Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago, the video of a photographer who took the picture of a drummer and made it into an NFT went viral. If you are not conversant with the Nigerian space, here is the video and the story.

If, like many others, you want to know how to create and list your first NFT, here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide to follow.

Still not sure you know what an NFT is, catch up here.

Creating an NFT

  • Choose your Item

First, you should have an image, an art, a picture, or a tweet you want to mint. To mint NFT is to create a unique NFT from an item. That is to turn a digital file into a digital asset stored on the blockchain.

For this guide, we’ll be using this Sisterly HQ logo design. You must own the item you’re turning into NFT, preferably your work or your creation to avoid intellectual property rights issues.

  • Choose a Blockchain

Blockchain stores all information on your NFT. It is the database that stores encrypted blocks of data for your NFT. One of the most widely used Blockchain for NFT Is Ethereum (ETH). There is also another popular one, Solana (SOL), and others like Polygon, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain. For this guide, we’ll be using ETH.

  • Have a Wallet Ready

News flash! Minting an NFT is not free. You need some cryptocurrency to pay the gas fee — minting fee, listing fee, and transaction percentage after the sale.

You should create a digital wallet if you do not already have one. Digital wallets are like online bank accounts/purses, only that they store cryptocurrency. There’s Trust Wallet, Coinbase, MetaMask, Electrum, Bitpay, and dozens of others. Create an account and link it to your trading platform. For this guide, we’re using MetaMask.

  • Choose a Trading Platform/ Marketplace

Your trading platform is your market where you do the real minting and display your NFT for sale. Opensea is the largest decentralized platform for NFT collectors and artists. There’s also Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, NFT ShowRoom, and Axie Marketplace.

For this guide, however, our choice of trading platform is Opensea. To start, I linked my MetaMask Wallet with Opensea (after downloading the apps).

  • Creating the NFT- The real deal!

The real deal is just one page of uploading your image and filling in information. Easy!

Using my phone, I launched my MetaMask Wallet app and from there opened an Opensea tab. Then clicked ‘Create’. You can do this via your Opensea as well.

There’s a box for the image upload, one for the Item name, and another for the description. Then some other features. After filling in all the necessary information, I have this! The design is now an NFT!

Setting the Price & Selling

To set the price, you should visit your Opensea Profile >Collection>The NFT >Sell

Previously, I mentioned that creating NFTs is not free, but did we just make one for free? On Opensea, you can mint as many NFTs as possible without paying. The Gas fee is charged when you edit to set the price in preparation for sale/when you sell.

Also, you can choose to either sell your NFT at a fixed price, or open it up for auctioning (offering it up for bids and then selling to the highest bidder).

You can as well decide how long you want your NFT to be in the market. Remember that because we’re using ETH, you’ll be able to charge in ETH.

Finally, the gas fee is not fixed, the price changes constantly and therefore should be considered when selling. To sell your NFT, you may need to promote it.

After the sale, you receive Cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Looking forward to seeing your first NFT!

Mariam Hamzat is a content writer and journalist with an interest in tech, sustainable development, and communal growth.

Edited by Naimah Akinoso

Naimah is an editor and product designer with a passion for interior design. She loves cooking, finding new recipes online, and trying them. She also loves reading and watching horror movies. Connect with Naimah on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Behance

Published by Yetunde Onafuye

Yetunde is a storyteller, podcaster, and a graduate student with interest in the social and political history of post-independence Africa. She’s also the co-lead editor at Sisterly HQ. In her free time, she reads and reviews books, engages in social volunteering, and watches tons of dramas and TV shows. Connect with Yetunde on LinkedIn and Instagram.



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