Sisu at the Security Token ICO Investors Summit

Just a week after the Security Token Summit in NYC, it was Europe’s turn to bring crypto professionals together and talk about security tokens. So on Monday 18 June, attendants from around Germany and beyond gathered at the Security Token ICO Investors Summit. Sisu was there too — and our team members from Switzerland and the Netherlands travelled to Frankfurt to present Sisu to an enthusiastic audience.

The Sisu stand

At the conference we wanted to showcase the planned Sisu solution — automated financial planning and implementation for middle-class Americans— and discuss the intended Sisu Security ICO with a wide audience. We did so in a few different ways.

Explaining the planned Sisu ICO

Halfway through the day, our advisor Daan Maasson explained the intended Sisu solution to the audience. He showed his assessment of the current financial state is of the American Middle-Class and what Sisu is planning to do to improve this. He also discussed our planned ICO (or ‘Security Token Offering’) and how we’re currently confidentially filing with the SEC for a Regulation A qualification. For more about this topic, please take a look at our website.

Daan Maasson at the Security Token ICO Investors Summit

Investment Banking in the Age of Blockchain

Later in the day, Chief ICO Strategist Hans Overturf provided his insights on the investment banking in the age of blockchain. He illustrated the current status quo, and specifically discussed how blockchain and ICOs have the potential to disintermediate all financial transactions. Hans showed how the investment bank of the future is a so-called ‘Investment Oracle’: a company that provides the full breadth of services for a company intending to go the ICO route — from investor readiness to market making and beyond.

If you’d like to see the slide deck Hans used, it is available on SlideShare.

Hans Overturf at the Security Token ICO Investors Summit

Initial Coffee Offering

But our presence was not limited to presentations. We provided anyone who came to our stand an official Initial Coffee Offering Mug. These mugs were a great conversation starter, and provide a link to a side project we’ve been working on. We’ll talk more about this side project in a future post. But for now simply go to and order your own ICO Mug!

The official Initial Coffee Offering Mug

Overall, the event was a success as it allowed us to present the intended Sisu solution and our planned ICO to a broad European audience. We’ve also gained some valuable input and may have found several interested individuals. So in the coming weeks, we’ll be working hard on our online presence and the intended ICO in general.

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