SISU November Updates

Dear Sisu Enthusiasts,

We hope that you enjoyed your October and the cooling autumn temperatures. As 2019 grows nearer, we continue to make striding steps towards our vision for automated financial freedom. Here are a few updates from the Sisu Team.

SISU MVP Development
In early October, we completed the discovery and prototype phase of our minimal viable product, which helped us learn a lot about the viability and potential issues of the platform. With that knowledge, we pushed onward and began development on the full MVP. As of now, we are about one-third of the way through development and have completed the core user interface. Our next major milestone will be implementing the payment processor, which will facilitate the automatic account transfers. All-in-all, we are excited about SISU’s quick progress and we look forward to sharing updates via Telegram and in the next newsletter.

Here is the first look at the SISU MVP’s user dashboard! This is where we anticipate the user will spend much of his or her time using SISU. Displayed are three columns: 1) the Funding Account information, which describes the user’s connected funding source data, usually a checking account; 2) the Investment Account information, which describes the user’s connected brokerage account, and; 3) the Selected Investment Frequency, which facilitates the automatic transfers between the user’s checking account and their investment account. As shown on the “History of Investments” tab, users can view their planned, pending, failed, and successful transfers.

Please note that this is a preliminary look at the SISU minimal viable product and that the User Dashboard is subject to changes. If you have any questions about the SISU MVP’s functionality or purpose, please join us on Telegram and we’d be happy to provide further clarification!

Blog Article on the Way!
In the coming days, we expect to publish a new article to our Medium blog, written by Sisu’s Chief Strategist, Hans Overturf. After working at two large-cap financial planning firms, Hans made three overarching realizations about how to improve the traditional financial planning industry, influencing the culmination and development of SISU. In the article we lay out each of these realizations and specify how SISU is aiming to solve these problems. We’ll notify you via Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn when the article is published, so be sure to follow us to stay up to date. You won’t want to miss it!
Our friends at have created a new website highlighting the innovators in the security token space. This includes security token exchanges, Reg. A & D offerings, issuance platforms, venture capitalist firms, and law firms specific to the emerging security token industry. If you’d like to expand your knowledge of security tokens and the main companies in the space, is a great place to start. Additionally, they put out a fascinating weekly newsletter describing the most recent developments in security tokens. If you’re interested, you can subscribe via the top banner on their website.

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter and we look forward to hearing your feedback or answering any questions you may have on Telegram. You can also find us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Until next time,
The Sisu Team