A Walk through Thanjavore (I’m in India!)

By Kaitlyn Hickmann

Originally published at kahmedia.com on August 16, 2016.

Thirty-six hours of travel later, I made it to south India! There is too much new right now to summarize with words. I’m enjoying my ignorance, though. It is unbelievably refreshing to know nothing of a place, to look around every corner in awe, and for daily experiences to require skills I don’t yet possess.

Because I know nothing, I feel so much freedom to make mistakes, and thus, freedom to try. Here’s to learning Tamil script, which chutney pairs best with idli in the morning, how to use the eastern latrine, the appropriate number of rupees to pay for an auto-rickshaw ride, and how to take photos in focus while managing to avoid getting hit by buses or losing your cohort of adventurers.

Speaking of, this was my best attempt at documenting our brief walk yesterday through Thanjavore.

Walking through the streets is as crazy as everyone told me it would be. And then some.

People often notice and look into my camera, whether I intend for them to be the object of my photos or not.

I am privileged to spend the next few months exploring as much as I can of this place, these people, and this life.

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