Scholarship Opportunities for Study Abroad

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The following list is not exhaustive and is meant only to provide a starting point for your own research into scholarship opportunities. No endorsement by South India Term Abroad is intended or is to be inferred.

Gilman Scholarship. Gilman scholars receive up to $5,000 to apply towards their study abroad or internship program costs. The program aims to diversify the students who study and intern abroad and the countries and regions where they go. Students receiving a Federal Pell Grant from two- and four-year institutions are eligible to apply.

Deadline for students studying abroad spring 2017: October 4, 2016

The Overseas Ambassador Scholarship. The Overseas Ambassador Program is an initiative created for current students or recent graduates who are planning to study, intern, volunteer or teach abroad. The Overseas Ambassadors will serve as an overseas correspondent, sharing their experiences to motivate other members of the community to go abroad. By writing insightful articles, sharing inspiring videos and pictures about your new surroundings, cross-cultural observations and personal growth, your words will inspire other diverse students to go abroad and challenge them to rethink how study abroad experiences can be for everyone.

Deadline for students studying abroad fall 2017 or spring 2018: June 1, 2017 Study Abroad Scholarship. Submit a creative photo and essay. The award of $500 can be applied to any part of your study or intern abroad trip and is awarded to the most creative entrant.

Deadline for students studying abroad spring 2017 or fall 2017: Dec. 1, 2016

Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation Scholarship. In hopes that a tragedy can enrich the lives of others, the Ashley Soulé Conroy foundation has been created to provide scholarships for travel and study abroad.

Deadline for students studying abroad spring 2017: December 1, 2016 Deadline for students studying abroad fall 2017: July 1, 2017

Fund for Education Abroad. The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2010 to address the need for an independent study abroad scholarship provider. FEA is expanding access to study abroad by raising awareness of its benefits to the individual and value to the collective, and by granting scholarships of up to $10,000. Applicants from groups underrepresented in study abroad and those destined for non-traditional locations are given preference, in an effort to make the demographics of U.S. undergraduates studying abroad reflect the rich diversity of the U.S. population. Since 2010, FEA has awarded almost 100 scholarships, helping students from all over the United States follow their dreams abroad. Check this fall for the next deadline. Travel Video Contest. A 5-minute video entry must describe your proposed study abroad.

Deadline: October 14, 2016

LewerMark ‘Make your Mark’ Scholarship Program. Scholarship contest for study abroad students. Awards from $750 through $1250. Check this fall for the next deadline.

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants. Designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. Your institution must have an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter. Fifty $1,000 grants are awarded each year.

Deadline for students studying abroad spring 2017: September 15, 2016

Rainbow Scholarship. This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of a group of international education professionals who are committed to advocating on behalf of LGBTQI students. These professionals counsel international and study abroad LGBT students and support their LGBTQI colleagues in the field. Check this fall for the next deadline.

Global Studies Awards. We want to ultimately encourage young people to study abroad as part of their tertiary studies in order to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages. The Global Study Awards recognises studying abroad as a positively life changing experience for many students, opening their minds to alternative ways of personal life and professional career, as well as promoting intercultural understanding and tolerance. Check this fall for the next deadline.

Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship. Young people deserve to experience the world beyond their college campuses, but not everyone can afford to travel, especially if you’re on a student budget. The Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded biannually to passionate students who want to explore the world. At Tortuga Backpacks, our mission is to help people take amazing trips, including students studying abroad.

Deadline for students studying abroad spring 2017: December 20, 2016 Deadline for students studying abroad fall 2017: May 20, 2017

Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship. The fellowship will help fund a proposal designed by the applicant to conduct brief work in a foreign country related to the mandate of UNESCO — using education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and/or communication and information to build strong ties among nations. The fellowship is intended for American college/university students who express an interest in international collaboration but as of yet had not been afforded many opportunities to travel abroad. Check this fall for the next deadline. Zoom in on Culture Photo Contest. If you have a knack for capturing culture with a click, now is your chance to share your travel photos with the world and enter a contest to win some pretty sweet prizes! We want to see how you’ve preserved your memories through photos that depict cultural moments from your international travels — in a meaningful, respectful, and inspiring way.

Deadline: August 22, 2016

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