The Slack Album (You Know, Like Jay Z’s The Black Album?)

Funny Stuff from SitePoint’s Slack

Kat Bak: My phone just autocorrected internet to Internet

Kat Bak: Ophelie wins.

Jasmine Elias: I don’t know, mine autocorrects ebook to eBook :confused:

Kelle Connolly: Mine autocorrects “tram” to “team” so it’s clearly not to be trusted

Kat Bak: I very rarely want to talk about ducks

Adam Roberts: Mine: Fiance to Finance. Maybe it’s a tactic to get me to marry faster

Jasmine Elias: Sometimes mine autocorrects “of” to “if”, “in” to “on” and “you” to “toy” so if I don’t check a message before sending, I sound… special.

James Björkman: I dont have anyone to text to 😢

James Björkman: 😛

Kat Bak: text me james ❤️‍

Kat Bak: I’ll send you gifs.

James Björkman: Naw, teams and ducks happen quite regularly

Kat Bak: 🍁

James Björkman: almost said duck teams, but that would have been awkward

Kat Bak: 🍆

Tan Le: my phone autocorrects ‘beautiful thing’ to ‘papyrus’

Idea: CatPoint

Kat Bak: My eyes are so totally screwed. I’m outta here.

Tan Le: Let me guess your font type is not right :smiley_cat:

Kat Bak: Well, it’s not Papyrus so of course it’s not

Tom Trumble: You need to pamper your iris

Kat Bak: … OMG what have you done

Aleksia Barron: Papyrus fixes 90% of eye defects

Aleksia Barron: It’s science

Aleksia Barron: You should just look at more Papyrus stuff

Kat Bak: I was attempting to wash my eyeballs in the bathroom but all I managed to do was scare the hell out of Ophelie…

Not really the same thing, but equally cool: Versioning.

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