WWhat a Fortnight

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A lot has happened in the past two weeks, a lot of it generated from WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference.

On the surface (and the corny keynote didn’t help) there didn’t seem a lot to interest developers, but dig a little and Apple opened and introduced a surprising number of APIs to developers. Over the coming weeks on SitePoint we will be covering many of them and how to use them in your apps. As always, if you are keen to write, then please get in touch.

As a lover of programming education, the announcement of Swift playgrounds appealed to me, and cooler than that came a week later with the release of ‘Working Copy’, a version control app for iOS that will complement it perfectly.

Alongside the commercial announcements from WWDC was the release of the Swift 3.0 developer preview. As a big fan of the language, I will take Swift 3.0 for a spin soon and write up a report.

To keep the Android fans happy I came across this interesting article on ZDNet about whether its open source nature is killing Android. First I found the use of the word ‘killing’ rather strong, Android is far from dead, and in many respects the ‘fragmentation’ issue has vastly improved. The article also missed that Android isn’t truly ‘open source’ anyway, but still I found the discussion interesting and would love to hear your thoughts on what models may help Android’s future.

Finally, I had an idea for Android N, what about ‘Android Nice’? It’s a type of biscuit, but also, well, a pleasant name.

What do you think? Please let me know.

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