Increasing Organic App Downloads Without Changing Keywords

Most people associate the idea of a successful app with excellent coding. However, what they fail to realize is that there is more that goes into making an successful than just a few lines of code. Developers sometime have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on marketing an app just so it reaches a broader audience. However, today we will look at some simpler methods to increase your app downloads without even changing the keywords.

The App Icon

The truth is, a lot of people will notice your app icon before they even read the app’s name. And no matter how devastating it is for you, but it matters. No one is going to spend their limited mobile data on downloading a questionable app that does not even have a sophisticated app icon. Therefore, we strongly recommend spending a few bucks and getting a visually appealing app icon. Also, the icon should take into consideration what your app promises to your customers.


Here is hoping that people click on your app icon to see what more you have in store for them before they can confirm downloading your app. The first thing that can entice them is the screenshot. Make sure the aesthetics are showcased extensively. That said, take the opportunity to focus more on what the people can achieve with your product.

Showcase the screenshots that highlight the unique features that differentiate your product from its competitors. In fact, do not shy away from sharing as much as you can here.

The reviews

One crucial thing that decides people will download your app or not is the reviews on the Play Store or App Store. If the retaining users do not like your app, it will be challenging to lure new customers into it. Therefore, you need to ensure that the retaining users are never neglected and continue to enjoy a streamlined experience. Also, when someone does leave a negative review, be considerate and show empathy towards the user. Be proactive about solving their problems so the people can see the professional side of you.

These were some of the simpler methods to increase the organic downloads for you app. If you too happen to be a developer struggling with that, you can consider building an exclusive website to reach a broader audience. Simple tools like SiteSonic are available to streamline the simple process for you.