What Do You Need To Learn About JavaScript?

Whether you want to develop a modern website application or want a highly paid developer job, JavaScript is undeniably the best language to go for.

As a beginner, you can get started with CSS, HTML, or any developing language. But knowledge of JavaScript gives you an edge and also allows you to build high-end applications. It gives you freedom to write code, flexibility to choose, and a lot of space work on.

If you are also starting up with JavaScript, here are top 5 things that will get you through almost every project.

You Can Start And Add Properties To Almost Everything

JavaScript comes with three data types- Number, Boolean, and String.

In JS, you can add properties to everything, if it is not null and undefined For example:

var a ={}; (create an object)

a.b= ‘hi’;

In this code, “a.b” means nothing, until we assign it a value. Moreover, ‘a’ now has a property that is known as b.

But how about if we call a function for same-

var a- function() {};

a.b= ‘hi’;

In this code, ‘a’ is now a function of the property. This sort of patterns allows developers to set up event handlers and more with small codes.

You Can Resolve Numbers and Strings

Never use magic numbers and strings in your code. Regardless of the size of your value, put it into a variable and move it on to the top of the scope.

It reduces code and gives your values a proper meaning.

JavaScript Never sleep()

There are many languages that allow you to learn several procedures at the same time. But multi-threading options open to race conditions and also baffles up everything.

However, JS avoid these issues and only allow you to run one piece of code at a time. For instance- you can call thread. sleep (100), and your procedure won’t run until 100 milliseconds have passed.

Use Version Control

Whether it is a small webapp project or a full-scale application, use version control from the first line of your code. It allows you to look through the code and save the broken things.

Apart from this, learn to manage state responsibly, write tests, use frameworks, and try nesting.

So if you are building a website through JavaScript, follow the above rules or go for free tools like SiteSonic that gives you tons of free templates, lets you auto-sync content, and allows you make a website in a hassle free way.