We work with Individuals and Organisations to execute a non-linear people strategy


We’ve developed a career advisory framework for individuals seeking to continue to optimise income and impact as our current systems breakdown and volatility increases. What appears bold today, might be seen as out of date tomorrow.

An Introduction to Career Advisory Framework

Career Advisory Curriculum


Carrying on with that theme…

Non-linear people avoid organisational obsolescence


Non-linear People haven’t just worked across multiple systems, but have experience of re-imagining how the emerging Government, Business, Investment Models the world needs might function differently.


Non-linear People understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current models. They can help layer the new over the old and can create the space for new models to emerge at the fastest possible pace.


They are scarce because we haven’t encouraged, or sought these skills for decades, as our post war systems have not been able to adapt and change incrementally.

You need non-linear people in your ownership, employee and advisor groups.

What sort of People do you need in and around your organisation to imagine and execute a regenerative strategy?

In Part 1 we used IKEA’s BoKlok expansion as a framework to discuss the difference between a regenerative strategy shaped by non-linear people an exciting, but nonetheless, logical response to a gap in the market.

A Regenerative Strategy has 3 components, bold in vision and action.

  1. Assumes Deteriorating Government and…

Watch our 3 minute animation on how people can change the world’s destination

The world faces a set of unprecedented and inter-linked externalities that pose a real threat to yesterday’s siloed systems of business, government and investment.

Find out how we think new non-linear systems will be created by a non-linear ‘people-force’ — and how we need a complete shift in people strategy to achieve it:

Discover more about our Five Point Implementation Plan: Inform, Identify, Recruit, Develop, Deploy in What we do.

The challenge for business is to re-imagine its place in a world where government and investment models are unrecognisable

We’ve discussed that it’s never been a more vital or exciting time to be a political or business leader or a major investor. The government, investment and business models we’ve relied on for 75 years to determine the way we live, learn and earn are failing.

Not appropriate to respond…

What our clients and our network say about us…

“Change and innovation have never more in fashion than today. It is simply the silver bullet for success in any organization. Radical innovation in particular is in demand as this is really hard to do, but at the same time what creates real value and takes the organization to the…

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