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Andy James conducted his first board level recruitment assignment in 1998. His 2009 White Paper — The 5 stages to a sustainable business — was widely praised for providing a template for the type of multi-faceted individual needed to devise and execute a bold sustainability strategy. Since then he has helped business, governments, non-profits, investors and think tanks strengthen their executive teams, advisory boards and increasingly acted as a mentor and coach to individuals working across different systems.

By 2018 he was working with clients across all systems who increasingly recognised that the siloed incremental change and optimisation models which Western Governments, Businesses and Investors had used to remain relevant for the last 70 years were not appropriate to respond to the combined exponential impacts of technology, climate and general societal restlessness around inclusion in all its forms.

His experiences in observing the new models which were emerging in the way we live, learn and earn and the characteristics of people shaping them led him to develop his non-linear people transformation model based on the principles that non-linear systems created by non-linear people were a way for any business, investor or government to re-imagine their place in the future.

Today he works with organisations and institutions to understand, devise and implement relevant non-linear people strategies to stay relevant and thrive.

Clients include IKEA, Nike, United Nations, DSM, CISL, Progress and many others.

He lives with his wife Jo and their 3 boys in SW London.

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    Six Degree People

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