• Pip Wellings

    Pip Wellings

  • Six Degree People

    Six Degree People

    The Medium, site of Six Degree People, home of non-linear people models.

  • Joerg Geier

    Joerg Geier

    ​Innovation Consultant (Sustainability); Fulbright Scholar; Member, Club of Rome; Founding & Advisory Board Member, Arts & Nature Social Club

  • Karel Leeflang

    Karel Leeflang

  • Graham Brown-Martin

    Graham Brown-Martin

    Strategic Insight & Leadership Coaching : Society, Innovation & Education http://grahambrownmartin.com

  • Darina Nekhai

    Darina Nekhai

  • Justin DeKoszmovszky

    Justin DeKoszmovszky

    Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer of INBONIS. Accelerating the positive impact of business. Retweets are not necessarily endorsements. Views are my own.

  • David Short

    David Short

    Sustainability, clean energy, technology, data, real estate, healthy buildings and circular economy. Lawyer and adviser. Father of 2 daughters. Optimist.

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