Non-linear people avoid organisational obsolescence

Six Degree People
Aug 22 · 1 min read


Non-linear People haven’t just worked across multiple systems, but have experience of re-imagining how the emerging Government, Business, Investment Models the world needs might function differently.


Non-linear People understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current models. They can help layer the new over the old and can create the space for new models to emerge at the fastest possible pace.


They are scarce because we haven’t encouraged, or sought these skills for decades, as our post war systems have not been able to adapt and change incrementally.

You need non-linear people in your ownership, employee and advisor groups.

Six Degree People

Medium Publication of Six Degree People

Six Degree People

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The Medium, site of Six Degree People, home of non-linear people models.

Six Degree People

Medium Publication of Six Degree People

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