What we do

We work with Individuals and Organisations to execute a non-linear people strategy


We’ve developed a career advisory framework for individuals seeking to continue to optimise income and impact as our current systems breakdown and volatility increases. What appears bold today, might be seen as out of date tomorrow.

An Introduction to Career Advisory Framework

Career Advisory Curriculum


Carrying on with that theme. We help organisations develop job descriptions that build in more systemic complexity and volatility. For example with Climate, job descriptions both over represent Grow, Innovate and Hope stakeholders majority over the Shrink and Share minority and investor, customer employee stakeholder groups.

Depending on your view of how societal tension will play out, these job descriptions tend to be out of date before the recruitment process is over.


We work with boards and investors to introduce the concepts of non-linear systems and non-linear people, and the relevance to their organisation — leading to why a Non-Linear People Strategy is critical.


Help clients identify existing non-linear competency across all people groups through non-linear people audits, to define people strategies and priorities.

  • Where do you need to identify and attract non-linear competency immediately?
  • Where do you have more time and can develop your existing people?


We then identify, attract and recruit Non-Linear People in critical areas across the relevant groups.

We apply our unique brand and executive search expertise to approach our global network of non-linear employees, advisors, coaches.

We work with the client to attract and appoint into the appropriate people group for greatest impact.


We work with our clients to identify those individuals already in their Primary group of employees and investors/owners, and their Secondary group of advisors, coaches, boards and collaborators who they can develop.

We then help design and execute a development plan to help those individuals:

  • Build non-linear networks across systems
  • Apply those experiences across the business
  • Create a platform for them to develop others — ‘Train the Trainer’


We then work with clients to activate new and existing non-linear people together for the biggest impact, to build a people force that acts as the maximum accelerant.

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