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Create a new Klaytn account

If you already have a Klaytn account, you may choose ( to skip this process and go to Access Existing Account.

You can use Klaytn Wallet to create new Klaytn accounts. To create a new account, click the Create Account button on the menu bar on the left, and then follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Set password for your new account’s keystore file

Before continuing, a few words of caution:

  • NEVER share your ‘Wallet Key’ or ‘private key’ with anyone. Giving information about your ‘Wallet Key’ or ‘private key’ means giving away complete and permanent access to your account.

Step 1. Set Password for your Keystore File

Go to . As the first step in creating a new account, you must create a password for your keystore file. A keystore file is a JSON file that securely stores your Klaytn account information, including the account’s address and the private key associated with the account. A keystore file’s password must be strong enough to meet Klaytn’s security standard, as the password protects the private key stored within the file.

When you click the password input form, a tooltip will appear above and it will show you, as you type in, if the entered password satisfies the security requirements. If your password meets all the requirements, Next Step button will be activated. !

Step 2. Download the Keystore File

In the second step, you download the keystore file that has been encrypted with the submitted password. Click the Download & Next Step button to immediately download the keystore file and move on to the last step. (Note that if the downloaded keystore file gets lost, you can download a new keystore file in the View Account Info menu.)

Step 3. Save your Klaytn Wallet key and Private Key

In the final step, you are shown the Wallet Key and the private key corresponding to your newly created account. You are strongly encouraged to store the key in a separate, disconnected storage.

For more in-depth information about Klaytn account, please visit Klaytn Docs and review the Accounts section.

Access Existing Account

To check your account’s balance of KLAY or Klay tokens, or to transfer tokens to another account, you need to access your account. Klaytn Wallet offers two ways to access your account.

  • Using Klaytn Wallet Key or Private Key A Klaytn Wallet Key is a string of 110 hexadecimal characters associated with an account, whereas a private key is a string of 64 hexadecimal characters (The character count does not include the “0x” prefixes that indicate hexadecimal numbers. If we count them in, a Klaytn Wallet Key is 112 characters long, and a private key is 66 characters long). Using one’s private key should always be the last-ditch effort of access, only to be utilized when all else fails. This should not be the main road for anyone to access their accounts. Private keys are the most sensitive information because private keys allow complete access to an account. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your private key safe, secure, and secret.

Access Existing Account Using Klaytn Wallet Key or Private Key

Step 1. Enter the Wallet Key or Private Key

To access your account, click the View Account Info button from the menu bar on the left, and go to the Private Key tab on the screen. Enter the Klaytn Wallet Key or private key for the account you wish to access in the input box.

Step 2. Check the Checkbox and Click ‘Access’ button

Click the Access button to go to your account page. If the key information you provided does not conform to any key format, the Access button will not be active.

Access Existing Account Using Keystore File and Password

Step 1. Go to the Keystore File Tab

Go to the Keystore File tab on the screen.

Step 2. Select the Keystore File to Use

Click the Upload button, and locate your keystore file.

Step 3. Enter Keystore File Password

Enter the password corresponding to the selected keystore file, and click the Access button to go to your account page.

View Account Info

On this page, you can check your account’s address, private key, and Klaytn Wallet Key information. On the right side of the page, you can check the balance of your KLAY and other Klaytn tokens. Using Klaytn Wallet to check account balance is recommended for blockchain application developers who do not wish to unlock their accounts every time a balance check is needed, for security reasons.

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