SIX Network: February Update

SIX network
Feb 27, 2019 · 3 min read

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year. We hope this message finds you well. We are sorry to update you less frequent. We have been working very hard in providing a new experience of financial services in the creative ecosystem. Fast, Simple, Customer autonomy and yes, Decentralized. These key concepts are the core value that we are going to deliver to the creative industry.

The year has just started but we are already achieving consistent growth in our project. We have established strategic directions through (1) strategic partnership development (2) strategic product development milestone. Doubtlessly, SIX Network is establishing a new Digital Banking Ecosystem.

Partnership Development

Krungsri Consumer (Top three bank in Thailand)

We have built a strategic partnership with Krungsri Consumer, a leader in the credit card and personal loan businesses in Thailand. Under this partnership, Krungsri Consumer will be the loan provider in our ecosystems. Using information-based lending service, SIX Network will facilitate the information to be used to provide credit facilities as well as other future financial products to creators in our ecosystems. The collaboration helps the new generation of freelance professionals and to support the Creative Economy in Thailand. The kick-off meeting was launched earlier in January.

Asia Blockchain Review & Beecast

Earlier in January 2019, we have established media partnerships with Asia Blockchain Review, and Beecast. ABR is the most significant initiative for media and community building in Asia for blockchain technology while Beecast is the media that helps connect China to Southeast Asia. We had an interview session via Beecast’s wechat group, of which 80% of the audience are Chinese crypto investors.

Terra (South Korea)

Bangkok — February 2019 — SIX Network and Terra are announcing today the expansion of a previous, collaborative partnership. Together, the companies share a common goal to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Asia by exploring partnerships with traditional financial institutions and finding ways to utilize blockchain technology to power mainstream financial services. Read Full article

SIX Network and Terra will host another Meetup at Korea at the end of March 2019. The objective is to gain trust and expand the investor connection. Please stay tuned for the update with our SIX Network’s community both via Facebook and Telegram

Exchange Listing

SIX Network has announced the local partnership with full digital asset business license” to “Digital Asset Exchange License from the Thai Ministry of Finance and approved by Thailand’s S.E.C.” Listing on this local exchange will allow us to have SIXTHB pairing for the first time and lets us reach out to our Thai community members.

Also, a quick update on CPDAX Korean Exchange — we just added another pairing SIXBTC at CPDAX on 29th January.

Strategic Product Development:

SIXR, an easy-to-use/ simple-to-understand crypto application

Later in January our marketing research team have conducted a UX/UI research for our new application with the target group aging from 12 to 20. The team let the target use our prototype application and whether they are familiar with virtual money or cryptocurrencies.. The research showed that 95% of the target group have a keen interest to use crypto money in exchange for consumer goods with no hesitation about the trust issue.

We are gratitude your support since the beginning of our journey. Thank you for your continued support.

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