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FSN ASIA — SIX Network to integrate ‘SIX’ tokens and image IP protection services ‘snap’ on ‘Klip’, the digital asset wallet.

FSN ASIA, an overseas business entity of Futurestream Networks (214270, hereinafter FSN), has begun to expand its blockchain business ecosystem in earnest.

FSN ASIA has announced on the 6th that its blockchain-specialized subsidiary, SIX Network succeeded to on-board its crypto “SIX” and image copyright protection service “snap” on “Klip”, a digital asset wallet released by Ground X, the blockchain affiliate of Kakao..

Ground X launched Klip on June 3, 2020. The number of Klip users today is over 170,000. Klip supports 13 cryptocurrencies, including KLAY from Klaytn, as well as a multitude of Non-Fungible Tokens. (NFTs)

“SIX” is a blockchain-based crypto created by Six Network to solve copyright and cash flow problems for digital content creators. In June, to revitalize “SIX,” SIX Network also launched “snap”, an image copyright protection service that requires content registration only when data uniqueness is confirmed from all nodes on the blockchain.

Klip is a digital asset wallet service based on Klaytn, a public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, and Klip can be accessed through KakaoTalk. Without installing a separate mobile application, it can be used in the “Full Service” menu in the “More” tab at the bottom right of the KakaoTalk mobile application. Membership and login can also be used via Kakao accounts.

SIX Network completed the integration between the “SIX” and “snap” on the 1st day of July, which allows Klip users to enjoy the “SIX” and “snap” services.

Since “SIX” and “snap” services will be available in Klip, a mobile messenger that possesses the largest number of users in Korea, FSN ASIA expects that it will further be applied in users’ everyday life and snap” services can be able to download from Klip.

“The demand for copyright protection for digital contents is diverse in everyday life, and ‘snap’ is a good solution to this,” said Changhyun Cho, CEO of FSN ASIA.

“Typically, secondhand transactions have been on the rise recently, and we expect ‘snap’ will prevent unauthorized use of product images in transactions, thereby contributing to the creation of a safer trading environment.”

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