Giveaway over 100,000 SIX as celebrating of the 1st anniversary of SIX and BITKUB

SIX network
Mar 15 · 2 min read

It’s been a year since SIX has been listing on Bitkub on March 18, 2019. SIX Network and Bitkub will have the 1st Anniversary Big Thanks to celebrate the occasion to reward more than 100,000 SIX to any traders starting from today.

Over the past year, SIX has been traded continuously with the record of highest trading volume of 10.9 million SIX in a day which shows the growing interest in cryptocurrency.

For the details of the event, you can get free SIX by doing one of these:

1. FREE 19 SIX for those who trade SIX with volume more than 500 baht.

2. FREE 10 SIX for those who trade any tokens in Bitkub with volume more than 1,000 baht.

The rewards can be redeemed directly in the market.

Duration: 15 March — until full distribution of the rewards

Conditions for the event

1. The limitation of SIX to be rewarded for trading SIX is 70,015 SIX.

2. The limitation of SIX to be rewarded for trading other tokens is 30,000 SIX.

3. Users can receive only 1 reward per trade.

4. Bitkub Online Company Limited reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.

5. For participants who meet conditions within the activity period only.

SIX Network team promise to focus on developing our projects to have the potential for better use. Soon, SIX Network will update ECHO (copyright protection website for creative groups) to have more various functions for easy use for anyone. In addition, we’re also looking for Thai and foreign partners who share the vision.

Thank you to everyone who has always been with SIX Network. We promise to focus on developing our projects to be better.

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SIX network

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Reinventing the digital economy

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