Listing on CPDAX : Buy SIX with Korean Won

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Dec 9, 2018 · 3 min read

SIXNetwork has announced the partnership with CPDAX, a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange by Coinplug, based on years of Blockchain technology experience and operating know-how.

Listing of SIX will create an impact on Korea market directly as this will be the first time that our community members in Korea can purchase SIX by Korean Won.

Vachara, Co-CEO SIX network said, “Korea becomes the strong influence in world cryptocurrency market. Their ecosystem and market side are remarkable. Listing with CPDAX will provide a convenience directly to our community in Korea.”

Nattavudh, Co-CEO SIX network added, “Coinplug is the leading blockchain company that rapidly engineer a new blockchain technology. Listing with them will give the competitive edge both markets earning and technology for us.”

About Coinplug

Coinplug is a leading blockchain company which holds the most patents in Korea and pioneers hyper-connected, high-distribution, high-density convergence business with blockchain-based password algorithms, distributed authentication, multi-signature systems, and hybrid smart contracts.

SIX Token is now available on CPDAX, for details visit CPDAX Exchange!

Starting from 13rd December 2018, 11PM (GMT +8), SIX is available on CPDAX Exchange! CPDAXactivitiy SIXnetworkCPDAXNEWS

Upcoming SIX will launch another product called SIXR application. Designed for the next generation of gamers and creatives alike, SIXR is a lightweight wallet equipped with features designed for token utilization within SIX’s platform and partner ecosystem. This newest application will be the linkage between more than 10 million creators who are active on Ookbee U and our partner platform.

The first launch will be in Thailand to test all feature and will explain to other strategic countries like Korea or Indonesia.

The application merges the virtual and physical world. Users can earn tokens by playing games in SIXR, and then use the earned tokens to purchase items in the real world. SIXR tokens can also be sent from person to person via the chat feature.

Through SIXR, the company aims to attract more creative workers (individuals who use their creativity to produce content for the digital and creative industry) to the cryptocurrency world.

This cryptocurrency wallet has an ability to switch itself from off chain to on chain. This will be the first wallet for a young creator who had the potential to create the digital asset and never have financial asset before.

Furthermore, the wallet unites the gaming and investment worlds. Through the gaming and rewards systems, SIXR strives to become a mass adoption blockchain technology product. In the future, SIXR aims to be the main wallet for creative workers. For the initial release, the application has five main features, including the home screen, contact list, chats, games, and a marketplace. This well-crafted platform will be ready to download and use asap. Please stay tuned for our official announcement.

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Reinventing the digital economy

Reinventing the digital economy

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Reinventing the digital economy