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New application from SIX Network. How to apply snap in business?

snap is an application to help inspect the composition of the photo to determine whether the photo has exactly the information provided by the sender. By examining the Metadata such as date, time, light condition, snap will calculate the precision index or reliability of the image. Our capture-locked image technology is used to help individuals and enterprises inspect captured images to ensure that there is no manipulation of images’ metadata during the process of inspection.

Examples of snap use cases in daily life and in business.

  1. For online transactions or E-commerce such as second-hand or limited goods, someone may use picture of product of others or picture from internet to claim to have such item to deceive the buyer. snap can help verify the reliability of the seller from snap ID, giving buyers confidence in such purchase.

2. For insurance business, by checking through the pictures taken by anyone with Capture-locked image technology in snap to record Metadata date, time, location, climate, lighting, etc., make sure that no tampering or editing can help to reduce expenses and working time.

3. snap can be used to store important documents on the blockchain and can be distributed to other people to provide consistent evidence and transparency without others being able to make change to such document. Moreover, snap can be used to prevent forgery of important documents such as signature editing by editing photos to help prevent counterfeiting because snap can check the date and time to ensure that the document is credible.

4. Using snap to specify or report the locations for work from home or personal reporting to confirm that employees are operating in the actual location.

Additionally, snap can be used in more various cases. If anyone would like to use ‘snap’ or our technology at enterprise level, please contact us directly via email

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