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[PREMIER] New DeFi Project by SIX Network Features Revealed

The unstoppable DeFi trend that has been a buzzword in 2020 brought SIX’s attention to want to hop on the train and to expand the opportunity in digitalizing the financial economy to another level.

We are currently under construction with the project we’ve introduced previously before 2020 ends and wish to release the platform in the first quarter of 2021. In which the project focuses on investment with cryptocurrencies to enhance the revenue as a passive income.

“Simplest investment platform by crypto experts”

— Mr. Vachara Aemavat, Co-CEO SIX Network

Our core vision is to make DeFi simple for those who are non-crypto experts and wanted to encourage everyone to have more confidence in taking the path to having an advantaging investment experience, ensuring that the platform is easy to understand in one minute.

Why is This Platform Friendly for Everyone?

The interesting factor of this platform is the combination of a new feature to the exchange of foreign currencies in the crypto-world, entitled, “Swap” which operating on the Klaytn blockchain initially has lower gas fees compare to other Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in the DeFi market.

Furthermore, the platform delivers funding that enables investors to buy the type of fund as desires whilst receiving the Liquidity Investment Token (LI Token). All funds will be managed and proctor by professions with crypto expertise.

The fund here emphasized investing in the form of cryptocurrencies for instant: day trade, derivative trade, and farm. All the funds managed on this platform is a Decentralized Exchange-based that has a high transparency level and more riveting when compare to investment funds on Centralized Exchange fundamental.

Apart from buying unit trust, investors are allowed to create funds along with an investment plan for other interesting investors to join the capital. This notion must be undertaken by the platform that generates returns in the form of share profit from the sale of investment units sold within the fund and distribute to each investor.

Staking is very popular on many DApps and on SIX, we delegate the ability to stake coins that are suitable on the chain and receive returns in the form of SIX coins; doubling the profits generally.

The Future of Fund is Here?

The benefit from the blockchain of having low gas fees to build a funding system will support the factor that the trading scheme here is having higher frequency activities, which is therefore extremely interesting.

In addition, all trading or investment information on assets is transparent and indicate the records on the blockchain is truly a solution in utilizing technology to solve the financial problems in the digital era.

Factually speaking, the Coronavirus pandemic is the primary reason for many people to start to think of a path that will give them wealth and financial stability for the future.

Building a foundation for yourself requires constant education and understanding of how to make a profit from what is available. And the platform of SIX, we include educational materials about investing to generate passive income from experts to change complexity to simplicity.

Keep up with us to catch up on the schedule of the product launch date.

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