SIX highlights from Beyond Blocks Summit

SIX was proud to be a part of Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok on the 26 and 27 of November. More than 750 people from 50 countries attended the event, which gave the public the opportunity to meet and network with industry thought-leaders, developers, investors and enthusiasts.

SIX’s Co-CEO, Vachara Aemavat, joined the panel discussion, Cryptoreality VS. Cryptofuture: The Path to Mass Adoption on 26 November along with KarimBaruque, Co-Founder & Host, CryptoBasic Podcast; Nicholas Ray, Gifto; Luke Wagman, Chief Evangelist, CoinMarketCap; and, Mitch Liu, Co-founder & CEO, Theta Labs & Silver TV.

Vachara joined the panel discussion, Cryptoreality VS. Cryptofuture: The Path to Mass Adoption (44:09)

Click here to see the full session on Facebook Live (panel starts at 44:09)

Vachara gave his insights on how mass-adoption can be achieved during the panel discussion.

“We can’t wait until the public decides to adopt it,” “We need to create something that is better for them; it [blockchain] needs to be integrated and seamless for the users.” said Vachara.

Fellow speakers agreed with Vachara:

“Right, when we created the internet, we didn’t ask people to adopt it,” “It was about creating technology that became so essential to people’s lives, they couldn’t help but use it.”

said Karim Baruque.

Keeping this principle in mind, SIX Network is soon to launch its newest application, SIXR. While SIX’s other application, SIX Wallet, was made with investors in mind, SIXR was created for the everyday user. People who enjoying playing games and being rewarded to play will love this app that gives them tokens they can spend in a real-world marketplace. By making the application easy to use, fun and with a rewards system, SIX is hoping to achieve mass-adoption, while giving the next generation their very own cryptocurrency wallet.

Our SIX network team at the BeyondBlocks

The event was the perfect opportunity for us to pre-launch SIXR. Attendees who visited our booth learned all about the app designed to be the crypto-wallet for the next generation. Those who took a photo with our standy and posted it to Facebook and Telegram, with the hashtags #SIXnetwork and #SIXR, were entered for a chance to win a Marshall Kilburn portable speaker and Marshall Kilburn headphones.

Many visitors downloaded Telegram just to be able to participate in the contest. After tallying the likes on Facebook, SIX team members determined that Aliza Alice Napartivaumnuay won the Marshall Kilburn portable speaker, receiving 192 reactions, 17 comments and 2 shares on her Facebook post about SIXR. And Pongsakorn Rujanaporn won the Marshall Kilburn headphones, receiving 132 reactions, 8 comments and 1 share. Well done!

Aliza Alice Napartivaumnuay’s Facebook post in our booth received 192 reactions, 17 comments and 2 shares!
Pongsakorn Rujanaporn‘s post with the SIXR stand received 132 reactions, 8 comments and 1 share.

More information about SIXR will be released soon, but for now, we’re just excited to be part of this great event that provided a centralized space to have discussions on blockchain technology and how to keep it relevant in today’s world.

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