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SIX is listed on Coinsuper Exchange Market to set the stage for SIX to enter Chinese market

Today, SIX Network has formed the partnership with Coinsuper, China’s leading cryptocurrency market, Coinsuper is the second exchange partners to list SIX tokens on their platform, making this another world’s leading cryptocurrency market that welcomes SIX as part of their portfolio.

Mr. Nattavudh, Co-CEO SIX network said, “Listing on Coinsuper is crucial to SIX’s growth as it allows us to expand to the China market and reach out to our Chinese community. This is the first steps in building SIX’s brand and credibility all across Asia. We hope that this would be the first step to build SIX’s brand to be well-regarded all across the Asia.”

Mr. Vachara, Co-CEO SIX network added, “Coinsuper is a top 20 cryptocurrency market ranked by Coinmarketcap which is a very established platform among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Having SIX listed on the platform is a good indicator that the global brand, like Coinsuper, is welcoming SIX, helping us spreading our brand globally.”

About Coinsuper

Coinsuper is a world leading digital asset exchange. They are a global elite team with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Apart from a very strong team, Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, offline capital management to ensure the security and stability of the platform. We also adopt google authenticator in customer login and fund/BTC withdrawal.

SIX Token is now avaiable on Coinsuper, you can register your account at

You can learn more about how to register and transfer the token from SIX Wallet to Coinsuper from the manual on their website.



We’re constantly seeking ways to develop the best initiatives in the crypto space. Launched in 2018, SIX Network has undertaken many blockchain-based projects utilizing metadata and smart contracts.

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