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SIX Network teams up with Terra to facilitate blockchain-based fintech innovation in Asia

Bangkok — February 2019 — SIX Network and Terra are announcing today the expansion of a previous, collaborative partnership. Together, the companies share a common goal to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Asia by exploring partnerships with traditional financial institutions and finding ways to utilize blockchain technology to power mainstream financial services.

SIX Network’s goal is to explore the opportunity and ability to link or implement Terra’s cross chain stability mechanism across Asia, while offering a stable coin solution on the SIXR application.

Terra a leading blockchain project in Korea that has designed a price-stable cryptocurrency aimed at mass adoption. By partnering with eCommerce giants in Asia that collectively have $25 billion in annual GMV and 45 million users, Terra aims to become a widely used digital currency and evolve into an innovative financial platform for the next generation of decentralized applications.

“We at SIX Network realized that cryptocurrency is one of the most impactful technologies that has the true potential to shift an entire continent’s financial structure in one night,” says Nattavudh, Co-CEO of SIX Network. “However, the barrier that every blockchain project has been facing is price volatility. With Terra, we are tacking this issue and creating a new frontier for decentralized financial services.”

“The team is determined to deliver a perfected platform for its creators and other users,” stated Vachara, Co-CEO of SIX Network. “It’s not just UX and UI that we have been spending valuable research time on; we care about the price issue, fees, investments, and costs. Terra’s goal is to become a global currency and in this regard, we share a similar purpose.”

Daniel Shin, Co-founder of Terra added, “Our collaborative partnership with SIX Network allows Terra to strengthen and expand its coverage in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. We are excited to explore ways Terra can be utilized by the SIX Network team as well as their partnering local banks.”

After successfully co-hosting an in-house tech meet-up on the 12th February at Bitfish, Empire Tower in Thailand, both companies decided to manage another session in Korea on 26th March of 2019. Stay tuned for further event details and relevant information on the designated Telegram community channels: SIX Network and Terra.

Our both Co-CEO on the stage “SIX network’s nurturing strategy for real adoption and Don Kim, Head of Business Development of Terra sharing his experience on the topic “The Future of Money.”
Our Special Guest, Supreecha L, FSVP of Kasikorn Bank, Srihanath Lamsam, Head of Payment of SCB and Sam Tanskul, Managing Director, Krungsri Finnovate
Some of the moment during the co-hosted meet-up at Bangkok, over 100 audiences came with enthusiasm and passion about technology.

About SIX Network

SIX Network is a project focused on reinventing the digital economy with better infrastructure. They utilize blockchain and smart contract technology to support decentralized financial services while improving wallet to wallet interactions. SIX Networks mission is to create a transparent, fair, secure, and efficient ecosystem for stakeholders in the digital, crypto community. Their current alliance is over 40 strong with over a million content creators. They raised over 10 million in their sale and is valued at over 4 billion USD.

About Terra

Terra is designing a price-stable digital currency that will power the next-generation payment network on the blockchain. Terra partners with an ever-growing alliance of global eCommerce platforms to bring blockchain’s benefits such as low transaction costs to merchants and everyday consumers. By bridging the gap between digital currencies and real-world application, Terra aims to evolve into an open platform for innovative financial dApps and grow the real GDP of the blockchain economy. Founded by a team of business, finance and blockchain experts, Terra has offices in Singapore and Korea. For more information, go to




Reinventing the digital economy

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