SIX Network Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment in ContributionDAO

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2 min readMar 18, 2024


SIX Network, a leading blockchain for businesses, announced a strategic investment and partnership with ContributionDAO, an institutional graded blockchain infrastructure and staking services.

ContributionDAO announced their direction to become The Digital Asset Staking platform built for institutions and the community. They have contributed to over 60 blockchain projects and have over $200 million in staked assets. Moreover, they are a Genesis Node Validator in 11 projects, including Sui, Connext, Celestia, Umee, Axelar, Sei, and Mina, and is also a Node Staker in 26 projects, including Ethereum, Solana, Chainlink, and many others.

The investment is led by KX, the investment arm of KBank, Thailand’s leading financial institution. Together, SIX Network and top global web3 investors also joined this investment to empower ContributionDAO to accelerate their business expansion.

This partnership opens up new opportunities to access global projects, aligning perfectly with SIX Network’s core value of promoting blockchain adoption since ContributionDAO has a strong reputation within the global blockchain community. Also, it can lead to new benefits for the users in the SIX Protocol ecosystem such as extra airdrops from global projects as a reward.

This collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both companies in blockchain technology and community engagement, paving the way for innovative solutions and sustained growth.

By leveraging their combined strengths, SIX Network and ContributionDAO will actively seek out and pursue collaborations and staking opportunities with global projects to enhance extra yields or airdrops to SIX node stakers in the future.

About ContributionDAO

ContributionDAO is a decentralized contribution hub built by contributors for contributors. The platform offers services like “Contribute-as-a-Service” and “Community-as-a-Service,” focusing on building genuine communities, hosting events, and facilitating contribution tasks for their partners.

With products like Proof Square, a smart automation suite for community management, and C Node, a reliable blockchain infrastructure, they’ve established a strong position in the industry.

ContributionDAO is also providing institutional graded staking services. The services are designed to offer users an unparalleled staking experience, setting the high industry standard.

The vision of ContributionDAO is to gather opportunities emerging in the web3 world and share knowledge with the community, enabling members to access technical knowledge, emerging technologies, and opportunities to drive the growth of the Blockchain Ecosystem in Thailand.

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