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SIX network announcing : SIX Blockchain Startup Fund

According to our strategy based on our white paper, SIX BlockChain Startup Fund helps accelerate the digital economic reinventing speed. It acts as an early-stage fund with incubation programs for developers and founder of each startup.

As SIX network is reinventing the digital economic, each startup is an importance player in this digital revolution era. Beside, SIX Blockchain Startup Fund is a 15 million USD funding program.

What are we looking for?

SIX is reaching out for new tech partner. In this term, SIX network works as a platform provider layer for each startup that already has a business model and an insightful product or services for the customer.

What The Program Provides

The program provides fund in term of cash and SIX Token which work As-A-Service in the medium of SIX Token. Moreover, the program supports each startup in blockchain technology as well as provide business strategy consultancy.

In addition, there is a separate investment with two tracks -the Seed Track and the Growth Track. However, the most suitable player is a startup that meet criteria.

1. A high active user on the platform who see an opportunity to implement blockchain into the business model.

2. Operate business involved in the creative industry or connected to the content creators.

3. Share the same goal with SIX to reinvent the digital economy.

Funding Tracks

“Seed Track” was created for the startup that already possesses their own product and wants to expand their customer base. Also, they realize a benefit to combine their business model with SIX network infrastructure. However, when they are scaling up and need to raise an additional funding, they can pivot into “Growth Track”

“Growth Track” the startup has passed the seed stage while already entered the market which their business model already made a profit. However, implementation of their business model and our technology, as well as strategic operation for tokenization, are needed to seriously rely on the program vision.

Consequently, each track will be equipped with an incubation program to make sure you expand and grow sustainably.

Program Value Proposition

For the greater good of the entire ecosystem, the program focuses value to 4 main areas which include

1. Startup side.

The combination of startup strong point and SIX blockchain technology,

this strategic move is making a good impact to your customer which reshape a new economy into a futuristic perspective.

2. SIX network side

As a blockchain technology company, gaining strategic partner company to connect with the people in the ecosystem while creating the better solution, SIX is achieving a goal in term of reinventing the ecosystem as strong foundation builder.

3. Society side

Transparency and decentralized platform that enables everyone in the society. People are now able to audit their social institution as well as an opportunity for raising awareness of intellectual property. Doubtlessly, this is the basic benefit of blockchain technology which gives a huge impact in cliche marketing word called “Digital Disruption”

4. Great Opportunities.

With extraordinary experience from both of SIX network co CEO. They offer strategies to help each startup achieve their goals.

Our Team & Investment Experience

SIX Blockchain Startup Fund is managed by hands-on startup investment experiences team. Likewise, the team is led by The Venture Partner of 500 Tuktuks and the Co-CEO. of SIX Network, Moo Natavudh, (The 500 Startups is the best Seed Stage funding program in the world from Silicon Valley.)

With Natavudh over 15 years experience in founding, funding and managing tech companies in Thailand and SEA. Also, there is an outstanding and well-known portfolio like Omise, Stock Radars, Finnomena, Chomchob, Fastwork, Pomelo, Hubba, Flow Account and Skilllane. Unquestionably, he has a solid background to help each startup accelerate business growth continuously.

Moreover, Our 2 Co-CEO. Natavudh and Vachara, They both has experienced with the top tech leader business acquisition, such tas Tencent and Yello Mobile. Who equipped with M&A background in Korea and South East Asian for more than 80 companies which contains enough values to stand as unicorn leader in Korea.

Beside, SIX network is running the project with the advisory board who fully support us with an outstanding professional background:

  1. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong (Managing Partner)
  2. Vachara Aemavat (Managing Partner)
  3. Sangboon Sangmanee (Venture Partner)
  4. Nisanart Thadabusapa (Associate)
  5. Watcharapong Photjaneenon (Operation Associate)
  6. Napat Mongkonpattarasuk (Legal Operation Associate)

Undoubtedly, the program is surely managed by the best team in Thailand Tech startup industry.

Our Portfolio

ChomCHOB is a mobile application that provides services to combine the virtual point in credit card equipped with a system connected with leading financial institution in Thailand. For example, Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krungsri or mobile operator such as True and Dtac Point system will generate point to use with major companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Samsung,, Garmin and many other services. At present, ChomCHOB has over 200,000 active users and has over 100 million transactions on the platform (under ChomCHOB point system (CCP)

FASTWORK is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2016, the company is based in Thailand and Indonesia. FASTWORK connect agencies, SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs to the right professional freelancer for their projects in areas such as software development, design & illustration, writing & translation through to online marketing and even video editing.

Currently, Fastwork has over 300,000 buyers including SMEs and online merchants all of them are buying service from 15,000 freelancers which producing 25,000 unique services under FASTWORK platform in Thailand and Indonesia.

Be A Part Of Our Future

Submit your pitching deck to us via this email “”
Join our program, as we help startup become a real impact maker.
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