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SIX network — August update

Almost 2 months after the crowdsale of an ICO, during that stressful and challenging time, we realized the more challenging part will be after the ICO.

Our obligation is to bring what intangible in the white paper to tangible things as well as achieving the investor confidence to make the SIX network success.

For the following paragraph, we are going to wrap up what we have been achieved in the past two months and besides what we plan to do in the near future.

Partnership & collaboration

Over the past two months, the business development team has been working hard to get a remarkable deal from a partner to support the SIX network reach its goals as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we have announced the impressive partnerships with the three companies:

  1. ADMAX

ADMAX is an influencer marketing platform under FutureStreamNetwork (FSN), considered as the top rank technological company listed in South-Korea stock market.

This collaboration will raise the technological development of both parties. It can start with the use of SIX Token as an alternative when getting paid by the brand. Expectedly, in the near future, all SIX services (Short-term lending, W2W commerce, etc.) will be applied to massive influencers in ADMAX to create liquidity of SIX Token.

2. ChomCHOB

ChomCHOB is a mobile application that provides services to combine the virtual point in credit card equipped with system connection with many big financial companies in Thailand.

Our investment is to nurture the blockchain technology for point-to-point exchanges. Once developed, SIX’s tokenization system will be able to connect with more than 10,000 merchants, creating a substantial SIX token value from over 100 million ChomCHOB point (CCP) transactions.

3. Bezant x SIX network

We announce collaboration with Bezant. Combining their expertise in the content, payment, and blockchain space, SIX Network and Bezant pledge to unleash creativity and empower global content creators using the Bezant’s blockchain platform.

Bezant’s blockchain is operated on a private blockchain network with fewer and shorter verifications. Therefore, it has the ability to support fast, fluid, transparent, and cost-efficient global payments to allow individuals all over the world to purchase digital content with ease. At the same time, merchants can integrate Bezant’s services with their brand seamlessly to open up new revenue channels for goods and content such as games, apps, movies, and more. SIX network’s goals are aligned with Bezant as they seek to build a fairer, more secure, and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economies.

SIX network in Hybrid Summit 2018

On 28–29 July 2018, we attended the Hybrid Summit 2018, the world’s premier blockchain conference. Together with representatives from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries. With more than 2,000 attendees and 30 speakers from 20+ counties. We hope to create this impression in the next opportunity.

Product release

We spent lots of hours emphasizing people in the cryptocurrency industry. Defining their pain point and conduct more interview session to hear what they like and dislike about the experiences with the most popular crypto wallet in the market.

SIX wallet was built on the foundation of simplicity and usability. Our main goal is to change the way people use crypto wallet, which is hard to use and slow for now. For this reason, our wallet will be daily life platform that everyone can easily access. Thanks to the redesign of those features to answer all the pain points that people are facing.

  1. Access app using only PIN code.
  2. Easily complete all transactions by using the only username. (SIX wallet to SIX wallet)
  3. Use public key only to complete your transaction with another wallet. (SIX wallet to another wallet)
  4. Track your transaction history.
  5. Live cryptocurrency charts.

Maximum security — MultiSIX (Multi-signature)

The multisig wallet is a wallet that requires another user to sign a transaction before broadcasting to the blockchain. By designing a multisig wallet, SIX Network could help users keep their private keys (in an encrypted form, we could not decrypt the keys as well) onto the distributed + permission network.
Learn more:

Promotion code & Download link

Only those who are reading this article. Download SIX wallet from the link below and use promotion code “WELCOMESIXGB” to get FREE 20 SIX tokens Hurry!!! This promo code is LIMITED!!

SIX Wallet on Website:
SIX Wallet on Play Store:
SIX Wallet on iOS:

SIX Wallet Instruction:

Next version of SIX wallet?

Our goal toward 2018 is to get a proof of concept with the business alliances that have joined and founded SIX Network. We have been architected it into 3 main parts which you can expect in a couple months.

  1. SIX Wallet: a single point for all your digital assets.
  2. Core Services: Provide API for SIX Digital Asset Wallet and business integration. This shall be the infrastructure of the digital services. In 2018, we will start with the financial services layer which includes the payment API for businesses.
  3. Business Integration & Tokenization: Our go-to-market strategy is to integrate with as many related digital businesses as we could by providing SIX Network infrastructure for any strategic partnership.

Timeline & Roadmap

With the passionate step on the confidence motion to follow our roadmap!

Hereby, our timeline since the beginning. And the future step, we are going to take.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the investors who are always with us.
Stay tuned for the next update :)

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