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At SIX Network, we’re passionate about helping businesses leverage the full potential of blockchain technology. However, we know that we cannot achieve this goal alone. That’s why we are building a collaborative global project ecosystem. By working together and sharing knowledge, we can build the most impactful solutions possible.

Global Collaboration and Support for Blockchain Projects

SIX Network aims to be a key contributor in the blockchain space through technical expertise and financial support for selected projects. This leads to increased visibility, new partnerships, and seamless integration between SIX Network products and the growing SIX Protocol ecosystem.

A recent 2024 partnership with a project within the global ecosystem exemplifies this commitment to expansion. This is just the beginning, as SIX Network seeks to build stronger relationships with more projects.

Strategic Partnerships Bring a Multitude of Benefits

By partnering with SIX Network, businesses will gain many advantages as follows:

  • Boost Business Capabilities:

Businesses can leverage the unique solutions of our products. This empowers them to tackle complex challenges and develop blockchain applications with ease.

  • Gain Global Insights:

Businesses can tap into blockchain innovations from diverse projects across our extensive network. This allows them to continuously refine their strategies and capitalize on the latest advancements in blockchain technology.

  • Drive Innovation:

Collaboration with our projects fosters a dynamic environment where groundbreaking solutions are built. These solutions address industry pain points, driving not only businesses but the entire blockchain space forward.

  • Optimize Business Operations:

Businesses can streamline and improve their processes through innovative technologies developed through SIX Network collaborations.

SIX Network Partners with ContributionDAO

In a move that aligns with SIX Network’s mission, We have strategically partnered with ContributionDAO.

ContributionDAO, an institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure, and staking service provider, boasts over $200 million in staked assets and involvement in numerous blockchain projects. This collaboration aims to position ContributionDAO as the leading Digital Asset Staking platform for institutions and the community.

This partnership opens up new opportunities to access global projects, aligning perfectly with SIX Network’s core value of promoting blockchain adoption since ContributionDAO has a strong reputation within the global blockchain community. Also, it can lead to new benefits for the users in the SIX Protocol ecosystem such as extra airdrops from global projects as a reward.


SIX Network’s collaborative mission positions ourselves as a facilitator for businesses seeking a global presence and competitive advantages in the blockchain industry. SIX network’s diverse range of partners offers a wealth of knowledge, resources, and innovative potential. By joining the SIX Network ecosystem, businesses gain access to the tools and support they need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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SIX Network
SIX Network

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