SIX Network Launches Definix Website in Preparation For The DeFi Platform To Be Released

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Ultimate experience for DeFi platform

SIX Network officially unveiled the name of the DeFi project that is being constructed during the beginning of the year 2021 and the website is ready for DeFi experience.

A Sign of a Time to revolutionize the Financial World

Definix, a new DeFi platform from the developer of SIX coins. The story to the name of Definix comes from the conjunction of the two words DeFi, which stands for Decentralized Finance and SIX.

In the first stage it was called Defisix, but then distorted to Definix because the pronunciation of the word is more catchy. Thus the name has a consonant sound similar to the legendary creature, the Phoenix. Which symbolized the power of change, rebirth, and hope.

What’s Inside

The composition and layout of the Definix website are styled with simplicity. But the most importantly the Definix from SIX Network on this milestone is to clarify the significant features in Definix Ver. 1 aim for crypto traders who are interesting as of:

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & Liquidity Pools

The exchange that occurs in DeFi with cryptocurrency is decentralized and is commonly known as Swap which helps traders to swiftly exchange for the currency they need without others in contact.

For that use, the exchanged crypto can be added to the liquidity pool for the system and gain benefit from transaction fees off the platform as a profit.


In the first step to being able to do farming, investors are received with Liquidity Provider Token (LP Token). Then investors are pronounced to stake LP Token inside the Farm and collect incentive calculated from Annual Percentage Yield (APY) passively with no hard work to be done.

Crypto Fund Investment

The crypto fund investment is suitable for experienced traders, desiring to expand their investment into the fund. The traders are able to choose a desirable fund with a risk calculator enabling them to be advice for the most appropriate fund.

And the highlight of Definix is that the fund is made on the Decentralized Finance Protocol; which means that all of the assets are not managed by one single entity and every activity on the platform must run according to the Smart Contract. It is traceable, transparent, and vulnerable to change.

Finix Challenge — The Chance for Every Trader to Have Their Own Crypto Fund

Despite every feature, this is the foremost feature of the Definix platform offers for every trader. We allow each interesting experienced trader to open their own crypto fund underlining with the paper trade on-chain called the Finix Challenge.

The Finix Challenge is designed critically to guarantee that the owner of each fund on the Definix platform is professional and ascertain to bring benefit and manage the fund.

Definix will provide fund managers with the tools efficient for making the fund on our platform and also receive a management fee of your own crypto fund.

The opportunity offering here for professional traders to capitalize their own crypto fund on Definix is called User Generated Fund. It increases the activity to create the economy of trading and allows each trader to grow along with the platform.

Definix prepared the professional traders with the instrument that helps each trader to trade freely and as much time as desired, unworried about the transaction fees allowing the fund manager to utilize the resource in maximization.

Advancement of Technology for Every Crypto Investor

“The crypto world is moving rapidly. Our team is constantly researching new technologies and implies them to our platform in order to make Definix the most beneficial for users.”

This may be a sign of change, aside from the technology we used, we might as well implement the other technologies for the Definix platform further.

Last but not least the Definix platform will be run on the Binance known as Binance Smart Chain. This is the head start to an innovative evolution to the technology and this will become a competitive market domestically for crypto space.


Definix is made for crypto investors and we believe the platform to be the advancement for the technology that helps new and professional traders engage in the crypto market effortlessly.

Also, it is a great terminal for professional traders to operate their own crypto fund like never before. Hope that we will not have to wait any longer to absorb the full experience of Defnix.

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