SIX Network Q1 2020 Update

SIX network
Apr 10, 2020 · 4 min read

Hello, SIX Network community and our SIXers!

Nothing could stop SIXers from developing great new projects!

We hope this message finds you well. 3 months into the 2020 we all have come over several hard incidents, one of which is the coronavirus outbreak. We are all scared but like what Oscar Wilde said “Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” With the virus, we have to become even stronger than before while continuously uplifting our own spirits and others’. The management has made an important decision to transit SIX Network team members to a work-from-home arrangement, started on 16 March. However, this has not slowed down our operations. So here we go — our first quarter update!

We started the year of 2020 with our latest development project called ECHO. The project aims to empower all digital creators to benefit from the highest asset right protection, smooth finance and commercial operations using blockchain technology. After just a few months from the launch, over 2-million contents have been uploaded onto the platform and ECHO has become Top 3 on KLAYTN’s Dapp rankings.

We have taken your feedback very carefully. For this reason, our team has rebuilt the website to ensure that the website is super user-friendly for users to comprehend in what the platform does and how the world can benefit from ECHO.

As all of our clients and partners are corporates in the creative and media industries, ECHO started with SDK connected to the database of these corporates. However, we do realize that there are thousands of freelance creators who are waiting to use our platform. We plan to launch the ECHO platform for creative individuals to register and upload their original content within the second quarter of this year.

Additionally, SIX Network has been given the opportunity from our business partners, including e-commerce platforms, banking institutions as well as government bodies, to develop exclusive blockchain platforms to help them enhance their business potentials. The platform will ensure them better operational cost structure, faster processing time and leaning out all the hassles with the technology that we help develop.

Moreover, We have upgraded the ECHO version to the latest version as detailed in the list below.


Release notes:

  • Put SIX Storage Chain (SSC) on in-memory technique with Delegated Proof of Stake(DPoS) consensus protocol


Details of this update:

  • Submitted digital fingerprint, metadata and its ECHO ID to Public chain(Klaytn)


Details of this update:

  • Re-structured of SSC infrastructure from in-memory with DPoS to be semi in-memory and Raft consensus protocol

In addition to the above, we plan to launch another feature product which uses ECHO as the based infrastructure. Please stay tuned for the update!

See you in a month :D

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