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SIX Network Q2 2020 Update

SIX Network Q2 2020 Update

For the past three months, we have been working harder than ever to come up with practical solutions to reduce or even zero out manipulative digital data (i.e. Fraudulent digital images) using blockchain technology. Here in this article we have summed up three significant moves during this second quarter, which are (1) our new blockchain application “snap”; (2) the Klaytn migration; and (3) additional new features in ECHO.

Launch of ‘Snap’ Application

On 15 May 2020, we launched our new blockchain application “snap”, which is a virtual inspection platform with our capture-locked image technology to help individuals and enterprises inspect captured images to ensure that there is no manipulation of images’ metadata during the process of inspection. In practice, users just take relevant images through ‘snap’ application. Once captured, ‘snap’ will extract EXIF data from the image (i.e. identity), then analyse and verify the metadata for authenticity using our unique AI and machine learning technology.

Users can use ‘snap’ for a variety of purposes as follows:

  1. Lower the operation cost of insurance claims by replacing the on-site inspection process with virtual (off-site) inspection through capture-locked image technology.
  2. Lower fraudulent KYC images for financial institutions in the KYC process and in turn, ensure no penalty that could be incurred from these false KYC images.
  3. Help online resellers of second-hand items, rare items and collectibles in ensuring buyers that they have the products on hand and are ready to deliver to buyers.

Klaytn Migration

In the beginning of June 2020, we started migrating a portion of our token to Klaytn blockchain, which is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean Internet company, Kakao. The migration can help us with low gas fees, highly secure and sufficiently fast to transfer huge amounts of data on a blockchain and scalable enough to store huge amounts of meta assets. We also plan to list our SIX tokens onto Klip wallet to empower more and more users to easily use our applications. Also, the exchanges of our tokens will be much easier, faster and more secure than any other traditional banking/ payment systems.

New features in ECHO

Proof of ownership

Every creator can show the ownership of digital assets. Any duplicate of the contents cannot be uploaded to ECHO to prevent copying or modification of the works.

Digital copyright flow and management

ECHO not only shows the creators right but also helps them to manage their own rights including control their revenue as they will.

Support nano-transactions

Transaction in SIXR can be descended to a small amount up to 8 digit for the ease of transaction of those high value currency.

Digital assets to security collaterals

Beside, those digital assets owned by the creators can also be used as a collateral when requesting a loan to assist their work.

These are things that we have been working on for the past three months but there are still many things for us to improve along the way to ensure that users in all our applications can use them efficiently and effectively and that token holders can use/ exchange our tokens easily. Before we go, we still open with new partnerships especially for ‘snap’. If anyone would like to use ‘snap’ or our technology at enterprise level, please contact us directly via email

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