SIX Network Q2 Update

Strategic Partnership Development, product development milestone.

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Jun 30 · 4 min read

We hope this message finds you well. Since we have been working on the area of strategic partnership development, strategic product development milestone. We are delighted to present our project growth, and here is the review for quarter two of 2019.

Partnership Development

Krungsri Consumer (a member of MUFG a global financial group)

We have built a strategic partnership with Krungsri Consumer, a leader in the credit card and personal loan businesses in Thailand. The collaboration aims to help the new generation of freelance professionals and to support the Creative Economy in Thailand.

The first product under this collaboration was launched on 19th June 2019 with a new approach called the information-based lending service. SIX Network and Krungsri Consumer will set loan criteria by analyzing data on platforms of SIX Network and its parent company, Ookbee. A selected group of creative workers who meet the criteria will gain access for the financial services from Krungsri First Choice.

GroundX (Kakao Blockchain Unit, South Korea)

Later on in April, SIX Network announced another significant partnership with GroundX, the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s largest mobile platform, Kakao. (Kakao is a South Korean Internet company that was founded in 2010, 220-million registered users and 47-million active monthly users.) By developing a scalable blockchain platform with efficient blockchain services, Ground X aspires to achieve mass adoption of blockchain-empowered services as to prove the value and utility of blockchain technology.

The partnership continues through the Developer meetup in Bangkok to promote Klaytn’s hackathon which our Co-CEO also serves as a judge. In addition, SIX Network is one of the first Klaytn’s governance nodes under the name of FSN, which is our ultimate parent company. Klaytn Governance Council is an alliance of multinational businesses and organizations, responsible for platform governance, consensus node operation, and ecosystem growth.

Klaytn Governance Council

Terra (South Korea)

In February 2019, we announced a partnership with one of the most famous Korean Blockchain projects called Terra. Terra is designed as a price-stable digital currency that will power the next-generation payment network on the blockchain. SIX Network and Terra hosted a Business Meetup at Korea in March.

Strategic Product Development:

SIXR got 31,000 downloads and the number does not seem to stop!

Within the first 4 months of SIXR launching, The product performed quite well with over 31,000 downloads and has more than 1 million spin times of Lucky wheel. Moreover, The app usage of SIXR coins is up to 310,000 SIXR Coins and 18,000 MAU (monthly active users)

The first 4 months of SIXR Statistics

SIXR Features

  • Gamification within the platform, the feature keep user spending their tokens in our platform and create the tokenomic momentum in our ecosystem. So far, we have developed two games called (1) Lucky Wheel (2) To the moon for the users to spend their SIXR tokens.
  • Marketplace — The cross -token loyalty and reward points. As SIXR coin can store two tokens within the wallet (SIX token and SIXR coin), each user can use SIX token to buy SIXR coin and spend the SIXR coin on games and merchandise in our marketplace. By integrating with ChomCHOB ‘s platform, this has enabled us to link the digital assets to the real consumer goods. (ChomCHOB is a mobile application that provides services to combine the virtual point in credit card equipped with a system connected with many big financial companies in Thailand.) Currently, Comico coin is one of our merchants. Users are able to swap SIXR coins with Comico coin at predetermined price.
  • Chat — Instant messaging communication comes with an ability to transfer tokens within chat and chatbot system to handle users’ issues automatically. Users can also create group chats and use our chatbots to create an experience within their community in our platform.

Expected Features

We are exploring possibilities to build Wallet to Wallet commerce, to help users exchange, buy or sell their data among the wallets through blockchain. Moreover, we also study a cross-chain wallet to provide the option for our users to use different tokens in our platform.

Acknowledgements, Some of the pictures from our events

Joined Techsauce Global Summit 2019 — CIMB internal Tech Talk — Live Interview with Bit Investment media
Hosted meet up with GroundX — Support Trade Policy team from the Government — Terra meet up at Korea

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