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SIX Network Q3 Update

New Product Launching, Product Development, Strategic Partnership Development

We hope this message finds you well. As we have been working on the area of developing and new product launching, product development and strategic partnership development. We are pleased to present our project growth. Here is the report for Q3/2019.

On 30th September in Seoul, SIX Network launched another significant new technology called ECHO to protect digital creators from copyright infringement.

Basically, ECHO is a content registration software. The main feature is to store the identity of any assets and ownership history in a form of semantic metadata (i.e. assets’ information such as title, author, creator, publisher, photographer, etc.) and digital fingerprint (i.e. a set of binary digits that uniquely identify a particular digital asset) in a highly secure digital token and smart contract. As we believe this will be a major paradigm shift for copyright registration and proof of ownership for all digital creators.

ECHO uses a unique consensus method to synchronise the identity of an asset, using SIX tokens in the verification process, ECHO Verification Nodes

ECHO is designed for the convenience of content creators. ECHO provides an SDK for a platform like OOKBEE U to install ECHO for their users to use very easily and conveniently. The SDK’s functions include (1) semantic metadata input and (2) digital fingerprint generation. With just one click, the content can be registered on ECHO and the registration proof shall be stored on the public blockchain.

Potential business partner

Ookbee is now significantly expanding as the number of the new registration number, active user, and content creator as well as the number of the content itself. With over 10-million active users in our alliance’s ecosystem, SIX Network plans to connect ECHO’s SDK with Ookbee platform for creators to upload their contents, starting with 10,000 contents a day and soon will launch the first ever IP registration website on blockchain for the public. (Continue reading about echo via this link )

SIXR steady growth through the diversity of culture.

After SIXR official launched in Thailand for 6 months. The number of users still growing across the legion. Currently, SIXR already acquired over 80,000 users, over 1,000,000 SIXR coin spending and over 10,000 merchandise sold.

SIXR new features update

  1. Universal QR code to help the user in adding new friends as well as a complete transaction in just one touch.
  2. New 4 group chats for user difference purpose,
  3. General private group (Can not discover in public)
  4. Privacy conversation group (only show five latest discussions),
  5. Expire Group (user can set time to delete for the group),
  6. Public Group (able to discover)

W2W commerce now arrives, with ECHO project, the wallet-to-wallet (W2W) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) decentralised commerce (with SIX tokens) of all digital contents can be done very easily among creators and consumers on the blockchain.

With W2W feature, users can semantically exchange various data types (i.e. different types of digital assets) with one another on blockchain and at the same time, users can also prove the ownership of such content for P2P decentralised commerce.

Last but not least, we official announced collaboration with Bittrex, an International cryptocurrency exchange, to join the blockchain revolution and to promote mass adoption with SIX Network’s innovative technology around the world.

SIX reached to the top coin % gain in exchange for twice time within 1 month.

Also, since listing in early October, SIX reached to the top coin % gain in exchange for twice time. Reaching the Top coin % gain is quite an impressive movement in the global market perspective on SIX Network. SIX Token is now available on Bittrex and ready to trade with BTC, for more details visit Bittrex Exchange

Acknowledgements, Some of the pictures from our events

Bitkub & SIX Network Open house, SIX Network meetup, @Korea Joy Meet Joy

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