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SIX Network Q4 Update

We hope this message finds you well. Since we have been working on the area of strategic partnership and product development. We are very delighted to present our project growth, and here is the Q4 2019 summary.

Since releasing of SIXR, an application for connecting digital world to the real world, in March 2019, SIXR has been receiving such a great feedback from its users. Recently, the amount of SIXR coins used in transactions including redemption for product and spending to play games have just reached more than 1,000,000 SIXR coins and continuously growing.

SIXR also has its latest feature which is the ability to swap digital assets to any different chains or the so-called cross-chained wallet. Now SIXR users are able to hold different digital assets in their SIXR. For example, SIXR users can hold BTC, ETH (from different blockchains), XLM and (surely) SIX tokens in their SIXR Wallet.

And not only just holding them, SIXR users are also able to trade any digital assets (P2P Decentralized commerce) within SIXR itself. Users can now trade SIX tokens with BTC, ETH, XLM additional from exchanging with SIXR coin to use in SIXR application for playing games, purchasing assets within chat feature or redeem product in the market which is updated regularly.

In late November, SIX Network launched ECHO, a content-registration system on blockchain where creators can upload their contents for ownership rights protection. The response has been amazing with over 1,000,000 contents registered in less than one month (Please see remark for more details). (

One problem that creators are facing is copyright infringement, which is present in almost all creative industries and leads to damages among individuals and companies, including content producers, freelance writers and startups who may eventually unable to maintain their business or losing business opportunities.

ECHO, the identity-based content registration system, was developed to alleviate the problem. ECHO represents a great and highly beneficial start as the system can store identity-based contents, verify and keep them on blockchain, where revision can be traced publicly, and uploaded originals cannot be altered privately. Therefore, creators across all fields can definitely utilize the system for their best interest.

SIX Network and the Blockchain Thailand Genesis

On November 28 and 29, 2019, SIX network executives Mr.Vachara Aemavat and Mr.Natavudh Pungcharoenpong were honored to be guests on the stage at the Asia Cryptocurrency Investment Forum hosted by Hashcube and Thailand’s largest blockchain event which is Blockchain Thailand Genesis.

SIX Network received a great response from participants in both events. The important point that Mr.Vachara Aemavat has mentioned was that there should be “a copyright protection” for all digital creators whose works have often been claimed by others or imitated. These have sent alerts to the general public, including the creative group, to be aware of such problems. SIX Network has considered these as significant issues for the digital creators and has been working for the solution. This is the reason that SIX Network has developed a new registration system based on blockchain technology called ECHO, which will come to solve such problems.

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