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SIX Network unveils the newest blockchain-based image verification app “snap” to help the world stop widespread fake images and disinformation.

SIX Network is the leading blockchain-focused development company aiming to empower all digital creators to benefit from the highest asset right protection, smooth finance and commercial operations using blockchain technology. With ECHO developed by the company itself, snap — capture, lock, verify or ‘snap’ was introduced with the mission to provide both individuals and enterprises the cost-effective, fast and secure virtual inspection platform on blockchain using capture-locked image technology.

‘snap’ application is a virtual inspection platform with our capture-locked image technology to help individuals and enterprises inspect captured images to ensure that there is no manipulation of images’ metadata during the process of inspection.

Why is ‘snap’ important?

We are all exposed to fake information everyday. With today’s internet and social media, it becomes quite difficult for us to separate real images from the fraudulent ones and becomes even more troublesome, especially when such information makes us at risk of losing money with no returns.

‘snap’ helps solve this problem for both individuals and enterprises from being exposed to fraudulent information. Without an offline inspection, ‘snap’ also helps save a huge amount of operation cost and processing time.

Users take relevant images through ‘snap’ application. Once captured, ‘snap’ will extract EXIF data from the image (i.e. identity), then analyse and verify the metadata for authenticity using our unique AI and machine learning technology.

‘snap’ will then analyze the capture-locked image metadata (e.g. brightness level, azimute, altitude, cloud condition, final latitude/ longitude, light shading, weather, camera spec, etc.) to see whether there are any correlations among the data. For instance, it is possible that users could take pictures at noon and claim the accident just before the sunset which in turn could change the story of the case. The mathematical calculations from the metadata could yield a result which would be plotted in the reliability index. If the result is below 80, then the captured image is deemed ‘not reliable’ as a sample. If the result is 80 and over, the metadata will then be encrypted, hashed and stored on ECHO, powered by SIX Network.

4 Easy Steps to use ‘snap’ application

  1. Open the camera: ‘snap’ sends location details to the server. Token and unique ID is generated based on the location details.
  2. Take capture-locked image: ‘snap’ generates and identifies the image metadata using AI and Ml technology (e.g. sun azimuth/ altitude, shade of light, etc.)
  3. Verify the authenticity of metadata: 4 mathematical algorithms (aHash, pHash, dHash, and wHash) are used to hash and check the image metadata and analyze the label tag.
  4. Submit the metadata to blockchain: Once the metadata is hashed and checked real, the result is returned to the user’s account.

Potential use cases of ‘snap’ application

With the objective to verify the authenticity of the image identity, ‘snap’ application could be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to,

  1. ‘snap’ application could help lower the operation cost of insurance claims by replacing the on-site inspection process with virtual (off-site) inspection through capture-locked image technology.
  2. ‘snap’ application could help lower fraudulent KYC images for financial institutions in the KYC process and in turn, ensure no penalty that could be incurred from these false KYC images.
  3. ‘snap’ application could help online resellers of second-hand items, rare items and collectibles in ensuring buyers that they have the products on hand and are ready to deliver to buyers.

These are only some of the potential use cases that ‘snap’ can be used in the real business environment. From today onwards, ‘snap’ is available for download soon on both iOS and Android. If anyone would like to use ‘snap’ or our technology at enterprise level, please contact us directly via email

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