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SIX Network’s Progress Update

“ECHO has taken №1 Dapp Spot with over 2-million uploaded contents!”

Hi! At the end of last year, we published our 2019 progress update — a round-up of recent development work that included ECHO’s first launch in the last November, our ecosystem and some new features in our SIXR application.

Now we are only a month into 2020 and thrilled to announce that ECHO has taken №1 spot in Klaytn’s Dapps ranking and Top 5 in worldwide Dapps rankings in the website and that the number of contents on ECHO has just reached 2-million level!

ECHO is a content-registration platform using blockchain technology to store asset’s identity and ownership history in a secure digital token/ smart contract. The project aims to empower all digital creators to benefit from the highest asset right protection, smooth finance and commercial operations using blockchain technology.

Within 3 months after ECHO started its operation, contents on ECHO has been increasing substantially and reached a 2-million content record just right after the new year.

The number of users, who have come out to protect their ownership right, have been continuously growing and successfully surpassed all other incumbents in the market worldwide. With a high rate of daily active users (i.e. roughly double the number of the second place), ECHO is able to move itself up to the top of all other Dapps in the blockchain world and to demonstrate how it can help creators from copyright infringements.

This is a good start for 2020 and thank you for the continuous support for our efforts to innovate the future of the creative economy.

About StateoftheDapps

State of DAPPs is a website that curates over 3,118 decentralized applications around the world from 11 reputational blockchain platforms and ranks them in particular manner.

To be listed on the State of DAPPs website, the application is required to achieve the standard KPIs set by State of DAPPs. The ranking is evaluated daily.

List of KPIs

  1. Active unique user: number of users are at a high rate for daily, weekly or monthly
  2. Transaction volume: number of the transactions according to Dapp’s standards
  3. Developer activity: the application should be updated regularly to ensure that the application is not being
  4. Profile freshness: number of followers continuously increase and any information should be regularly updated
  5. Profile strength: users must have real identities, not just a bot
  6. Click-Through-Rate (CTR): how frequently users use the application.
  7. User recommendations and feedback: the application must receive a numerous amount of reviews, comments and interactions from users

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