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SIX ❤ Stellar 🚀

Stellar is a hidden gem 💎 in Blockchain universe, while everyone busy with Bitcoin, Ethereum and some others alt coins. Stellar has gaining more and more momentum each day.

Let’s start with (a lot of) why

Mobius (MOBI)

Smartland (SLT)

Irene Energy (TLU)

KIK, Kin Foundation



As you can see They seem to share the same story which is unreliable, slow transaction, high gas fees and a lot more troubles for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

These suffering list is keep growing and growing because scaling problems still exists and has not been solve yet until this day.

We would say we on the same suffering development path and we (and many of company above) lucky enough to discover Stellar!

After heavily research, we consider to use Stellar for micro payments and assets issuer layer then combine it with Hyperledger Fabric for “Permissioned Blockchain” and Fabric CA for “Certificate Authority”.

Our tech stacks will get revise rapidly to keep up the current pace of technology and also to ensure that we balance both real-world business and on edge for developments side.

To be clear, we won’t aim to 100% decentralize everything in this year because we think that current Blockchain and DAO govern is still “too young” and it will need some time to grow up.

We promise to keep an eyes on it (Yes we know about NEM, EOS, ICON, WAVE, OMG, LOOM, …) but at the present we will use the only production grade payments layer to ensure that we build a solid product for our customers and for future proof, we also aim to have cross-chain capabilities too.

How SIX support Stellar in Thailand?

We did cooperate with big web trade in Thailand TDAX to list XLM on their exchange to increase XLM trade volume in Thailand.

We do accept both ETH and XLM for SIX ICO and we really satisfy smooth ICO process by Stellar against Ethereum and it’s really proof that we ‘re going in right direction.

We sponsor for Stellar Developer Thailand Facebook group and we did aim to reach and increase Stellar Developer as much as possible this year.

Stellar Developer Thailand Facebook group

We will start our first Stellar meet up this Sunday. The tickets already sold out in short period of time because many people love to know more about Stellar and SIX behind the scene.

We will blog about the SIX ❤ Stellar meet up result and will explain our tech stack in detail later, Please do follow us for next update.




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